This spring and summer, I am going to garden.

The front of our house looks sad, with a foundation garden full of either plants that are meant for a desert or are just dead. I’ve never seen them bloom and even if they did it wouldn’t be a full garden and certainly not a pretty one. Only the ground cover looks like it may be meaning to be there, but even that doesn’t look good.


Our backyard meanwhile is like a large empty slate. In a world where I planned to live in this house forever, I would probably take off the deck and do some kind of outdoor oasis, but we won’t be here long enough to get a good return on that so I’ll use the deck for the grill and a seating area, toy with the idea of putting in a paver patio, and garden for food and to fill space.

My guess is that I’ll plan something way overly ambitious and end up with nothing but dead plants and way too many tomatoes and peppers (in the backyard), but at least this sad little tree might be replaced with something a little less, well, sad.

Follow along with me while I figure out if I can keep a plant alive through a growing season and experiment with ways to make the front yard look a lot prettier from the street.

Do any of you have a green thumb or just good advice on growing flowers, vegetables, or a mix?

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2 responses to “Planning to learn plants”

  1. Marty Birkholt says:

    I believe that the little tree is actually an old flower stalk of a yucca (the plant growing in that area seems to look like one.) If it is not doing well there it could be because it doesn’t get enough light. What direction does the front of your house face?

    • Jess says:

      It faces north, so I suppose that could be it? The house was a foreclosure so I think that it’s pretty possible that the plants weren’t taken care of at all after probably June of last year and likely for quite a while before that. We have been happily surprised by the peonies growing in our backyard though! The bank’s mowers levelled them so we didn’t know anything was there at all until this spring.

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