I’ll admit that when I first started collecting teapots, I didn’t know the difference between a tea pot and a tea kettle. I suppose it might be a wonder that I knew that there was a difference even if I couldn’t identify it. For the record, a tea kettle can be used to heat the water to make tea and a tea pot is basically just a vessel for transporting already-warmed tea to the table.

While collecting tea pots, it has been kind of sad that my tea kettle leaves nothing to be imagined. It’s the same $12 stainless steel tea kettle that Kyle and I received as a wedding gift three years ago. We really haven’t even used it that often as I mostly make hot tea when it’s cold outside and I lived in Lubbock, TX for most of our marriage where it doesn’t quite get cold enough most of the time to warrant a cup of hot tea in the eyes of this northeast Kansas girl.

Lately, it’s had a little more love as Kyle discovered coffee from a French press and insisted we get our own. Our French press rendered our electric coffee maker obsolete, increased both of our desire for a more-regular cup of coffee, and has meant a lot more action for our tea kettle. I shouldn’t be surprised then when we put a kettle on the stove before our guests arrived Sunday and came back from their tour of our new house to discover that we’d forgotten it and the water had boiled out of it. Now it’s not only the same boring tea kettle, it’s also looks like it got way to hot and burnt a little.

As we  consider replacing it, there’s a few features I definitely want that the old one didn’t have. For one, I want it to be pretty. We generally leave it out on our stove all the time, even when we’re not getting much mileage out of it, so I think it’s time to start considering it a decorative piece as much as a functional one.

In that case, just a little bit nicer Bed Bath and Beyond version like the one above could work, but our handle used to get a little hot for me so maybe I want something with a little more protection. It turns out it’s hard to pour hot water out of a kettle when your only hot pad is an Orka oven mitt. These Etsy finds might do just the trick!

Vintage Red Tea Kettle Enamel Wood Handle by DoNotDestroy

Denmark Franciscan Reproduction TEA KETTLE in lovely Blue and White with Wood Handle and Knob by alittleVintageShop

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