My older sister, Abby, just turned 30! She’s such an amazing sister and friend. Her husband called me about a month before her birthday and wanted to throw her a surprise party. So, I got to thinking about decorations. We wanted to make it colorful because we were having it out at my grandparent’s land in the country. My grandpa has labored over a man-made tank, built his own pier, and an entertaining area. It’s really amazing what that man has done with his land. It’s beautiful, really.

We decided on balloons, and I really wanted to do these zig-zag streamers and these photo booth accessories to add to the color and fun. Jordan Ferney, party planner and blogger extraordinaire over at Oh Happy Day, has some of the most awesome free ideas! I loved the streamers. My younger sister and her husband hung each one up individually on a ladder!

My niece and nephew, ahem, Batman and Bunny. They're awesome.

My sis and her hubby.

These added so much fun to the party! They are just so cute and look great in photos!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister!!!

*****Also, Jordan of Oh Happy Day lives in Paris and is giving away a FREE trip for two people in the continental U.S. You can enter here, and well…you should!****

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