This teapot was the second one I purchased for my collection. I was immediately drawn to the colors and the cleanness of the lines. To date, I think this is still my favorite teapot in my collection — at least, my favorite one that isn’t my elephant-shaped teapot. I collect all kinds of teapots, including many that fit with my eclectic collection but not with the rest of my tastes, but I’m always glad to find this one there.

I also got a pretty good deal on it. Well, I should say, I got a wonderful deal on it because I planned to buy it for about $8.50 but I was shopping with my mom and she decided to buy it for me!

Mom asked as we left the store why I decided to buy it and I explained that I collect teapots. She said that she never knew that about me. I assured her that she didn’t know that about me because I started my collection about three weeks prior. She laughed and said that it’s probably good to collect something because it makes gift-giving easy for friends and family. She’d know a thing or two about that because 95% of the gifts she receives are dog-related because my family has done dog rescue for the last 12 or so years.

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3 responses to ““It’s Probably Good to Collect Things””

  1. Kamryn says:

    Dag nabbit good stuff you whpeeprsnappirs!

  2. I love crackers, hard for me to eat just a few.If I baked these, the aroma would heighten my zest for them and I would consume them all before they cooled off.Your recipe is that good.

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