Gutting and rebuilding significant parts of a house is a big project. I’ve said “Things are really starting to come together” several times.

First, it was in September when we didn’t have lath and plaster anymore and again when we had drywall. In October, I said it when we had carpet and flooring. I repeated it when our furniture and boxes showed up later that week. In February, I said it as the bathroom got painted and new flooring for President’s Day. Last month, it was my excitement as our boxes started to move around and get unpacked. Earlier this month, I said it again as the last two bedrooms got finished, painted and furnished.

Now, things really are starting to come together. We have paint on most of the walls, furniture in most of the rooms, linens, and colors and things chosen. Books on shelves. We really are just down to the details. One of these pesky details is our walls. They’re blank except for a good coat of paint. So blank, in fact, that we now write off any discomfort we feel about furniture arrangement as a byproduct of it all looking like it’s in some kind of showroom where no personality graces the walls of the staged furniture sections.

I have some ideas for arrangements of wall hangings, but I need something to fill the frames or lack of frames in my mind. That’s where I Need Nice Things comes in handy.

“I Need Nice Things was created to make contemporary art collectable, changeable, and most important of all, affordable. It’s breathtaking art without the price tag.” —I Need Nice Things

I haven’t made a purchase yet—I just like looking through the prints and getting some inspiration—but it appears that they do ship internationally even though they’re based in Australia.

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2 responses to “I Need Nice Things Especially Pretty Prints for the Walls of My House”

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  2. […] wrote about I Need Nice Things a little while ago because it’s a great way to get prints for decorating yo…. I recently came across a great find for our Thursday Tea Time in their set called “Object […]

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