When I was a child, our house in Kansas was a little bit country and realistically a little bit dated, but around the time that I hit high school, Mom started watching Trading Spaces and a few other design shows and slowly the rooms in our house began to transform. From my high school bedroom which was the most relaxing place of my high school career to my friends first apartments, I will always feel at home in the Midwest. I’ve also noticed that a lot of my favorite design blogs tend to focus on the coasts. We try to feature a variety of design here – usually our own and thus no-coastal, but I was excited to see two Midwest home tours on Offbeat Home recently.

The first, published in May, is An antique-filled Midwest bungalow for four. The antiques are beautiful and I love the wood floors. The design of this home is really subdued with a lot of neutral browns and refreshing pops of color.

Plus, any bedroom that incorporates a dog bed and the dogs into the design is my kind of place to sleep. In fact, our bedroom has a chair, ottoman, and a dog bed for Oats with her own comforter (one of our old ones). The color of the bed, by the way, is one of my favorites. I love the scale of the patterns on the pillows.

Though it’s a small house, the design makes it seem very big and open, even in pictures. This mantle is great. I love the variety of decor. It takes a creative person to combine some cameras, a print of pears, old books, and two jars full of spools, but it really works.

The other home tour I loved as this “punk-bohemian curl-up-and-read rental in Lawrence, Kansas.” I spent a lot of my days in high school wandering around the very downtown that this apartment is in, so it’s always nice to see something so close to home get featured. Also, the style of the place seems distinctly Lawrence. I don’t know what it is about Lawrence but a lot of the houses and apartments I’ve been in seem to have really compatible styles. Look at the chairs in this living room. Couldn’t you just lean back and put your feet up in one?

I’m obsessed with this bed. Maybe it’s just that I’m operating on not enough post-Independence Day sleep, but it looks so comfortable. The bedding all looks so soft and the mix of colors and textures and patterns is begging for someone to ruffle up the sheets and take a wonderful long nap. Cat for cuddling included.

There is so much more about this home tour that I love. For such a small apartment, there are so many beautiful details. Make sure you pop over to Offbeat Home and check both places out!

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