A few weeks ago I mentioned this adorable travel trailer featured on OffbeatHome in a Friday Reader Roundup post.

Since then, I’ve been noticing a lot of adorable tiny houses and secret spaces. If you’re in to mobile (or once-mobile) living spaces like the travel trailer, the double-decker bus featured in the latest issue of ReadyMade magazine is really inspiring. The family restoring this 1970s Leyland Double Decker bus records their journey at Double Decker Days and has lots of great photos of their process and progress.

Then there is this RV mansion I saw via HonestlyWTF.

It turns out it’s not actually a dwelling — says it is, in fact, a set for the Anton Chekov play Ivanov performed by Theater het Amsterdam Bos in the Netherlands. It’s still an adorable idea though, don’t you think? And if it were a livable house, I would probably want to live in it. If I could get past the narrowness of every room.Maybe you aren’t so much in to motion and like to make (tiny) roots. These rustic guest cottages made from reclaimed materials look like they’re straight out of an eco-friendly fairytale (also found via OffbeatHome):

The manufacturer of these little cottages makes them into guest houses, saunas, and garden sheds. I’m not sure they’re quite big enough to really live out of, but a creative person could maybe jam a little more function into such a small space. They are perfect for a guest home or sauna though. I’m thinking guest room, given that outside in Missouri is already a sauna I’m not really in to adding heat or humidity to my life right now. Of course, you don’t have to go for a kitchy unique design. You can also have a totally modern tiny house like one of these 19 tiny houses featured on Design Crave (via Tiny-Ass Apartment):

I really love these small house and small spaces. I think the most appealing thing to me is how thought out they have to be. You wouldn’t feel like you have to buy needless furniture just to make sure that a room looks complete. That’s a pretty awesome thing given that I currently have all of the furniture I need and so much more space to fill in my comparatively giant house. I’m positive this is a grass is always greener situation. I bet that people get plenty frustrated trying to find furniture that will fit their tiny space without encroaching on the rest of their tiny space. Maybe I should just settle for getting excited about an in between like these under-the-kitchen wine cellars at thekitchn (found via DiggersList):

A well-0rganized compact cellar, reading room, or other hidden space might be just the perfect hideaway from your busy life in your otherwise too big house.

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  1. jorjiapeach says:

    rv mansion?? yes, please.

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