As is usually the case with good finds on Etsy, I was hunting around for something entirely unrelated to vintage objects and ephemera on Etsy and discovered something great. Sushipot Parts is a beautiful Etsy shop that sells mostly little objects and parts that would be perfect supplies for a crafter or artist. The shop sells all kinds of things from books to vintage game pieces to antique prints and beyond.

Just visiting the shop has me so inspired to try something new so I’d have a use for a purchase. Takes these 1940’s Vintage French Alphabet Illustrations:

 And these vintage game parts:

Or, this  Set of 8 assorted pattern tags:


Everything in the shop is really beautifully culled and the few objects that are put together are adorable. They’re very playful but also feel like they’d add the right amount of humor to a grown-up house. Like this vintage iron coal shovel and poker:

 And this numbers garland made from vintage flashcards:

 I can’t get enough. Plus, I love supporting something local and this shop ships from Manhattan, Kansas. It’s such a beautifully designed shop. It’s really hard, I think, on Etsy to make your shop look like all the items go together like they would in a well-designed physical store but Sushipot Parts does it well. Stop by Sushipot Parts store on Etsy or check out Suzanna’s art store on Etsy,  (Sushipot) or her blog Sushipot on Blogger.

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One response to “Sushipot Parts: Vintage Objects and Ephemera on Etsy”

  1. Geri Wurth says:

    Hi Jess,

    I am totally going to Sushipot. I love ephemera, etc. and this person from Manhattan has a great eye! Thanks for sharing.

    We have a lot of creative people in the Midwest – I’m thinking not only you two (wink), but Amy Barickman, Amy Butler and Rachel Denbow from SmileandWave.

    Geri Wurth, Kansas City

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