Last month, Mary managed to swing through Kansas City on her way to Michigan so Kyle and I got to do a little bit of shopping with her, her mom, her sister, and our friend Kevin who actually gets to live in Kansas City — with a view that would make you hate him. It was just a short visit so Mary and her family were super lucky that their jaunt through town happened to fall on a first weekend so we could visit Thistle.

Kyle and I have been to Thistle for two of their openings and it’s probably my favorite excuse to be in Kansas City. They’re only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on the weekends of First Fridays but they have great finds and really fair prices.

Check out the new additions to my home after our last visit:

Around Lent, we stopped keeping soda in the house so that means I’m really reliant on having tea and crystal light or other alternatives around because I’m not much of a fan of plain water. This new carafe/pitcher means I can have two non-water options, plus the shape is perfect for our fridge!

We also finally put the office together a few weeks ago so now it’s getting close to being a viable work space. Kyle really loves this spinning pen/pencil and office supply holder. It looks great and adds a bit of charm and function to our desk that is otherwise overrun by monitors, laptops, and accessories.

I don’t have our receipt handy but I seem to remember both purchases being right at or under $10! If you’re planning on being in Kansas City plan for a first Friday weekend so you can stop by Thistle. It’s totally worth it! Also, look forward to Mary’s recap of her finds and her visit to Kansas City later this week! I’m sure she’ll tell you all about how wonderful the staff is.

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3 responses to “First Friday Thrifting at Thistle in Kansas City”

  1. Geri wurth says:

    Thank you so much, Jess, for the kind shout-out and article about Thistle.
    Thrifters like you who get a bang out of the small pleasures of life make it all worth it!

    I continue to enjoy your blog.

    Thanks again, Geri

    • Jess says:

      Well, we’ll continue to enjoy your store! Unfortunately I can’t make it this weekend because I’ll be in Topeka for Grape Escape but hopefully next month we’ll swing by!

  2. […] weekend I finally got to Thistle in Kansas City for another trip. It worked out so perfectly as I had to be about 3 minutes away from the store at 10 a.m. and […]

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