Hey all! As Jess mentioned on Monday, we got to meet up in KC!!! Yay! We made it one of the stops on my trip. It was really exciting! We haven’t seen each other in months. So the visit was awesome and I’m really thankful Jess and Kyle were able to meet up. Vintage shopping, yummy beers, good food, friends and family. Heaven, right?

I know Jess talked about Thistle some on Monday, but just to echo what she said, the ladies who work here are awesome! I really enjoyed chatting with them. Also, the store is great and (as Jess said, too) the prices are super reasonable. Win win.

We both loved these pink and gray kitchen canisters. Cute, right? I’m not usually into pink but pair any color with gray and I’m down. Well, maybe not brown. Brown and gray might not be that awesome. Or, would it? Brown and dark gray? Maybe… I digress.

Right next to the canister were this stack of purty Pyrex. I’m a sucker for teal, vintage Pyrex. Although, I feel like if I’m going to say that I should own some. Which I don’t. Hmm, maybe I should get on that? Yes. I should.

Globes. You know I love me some globes since throwing that travel themed wedding party. And pair them with metal stools that are reminiscent of my junior high science class. Love it. Very academic, those globes and stools.


My sister and I thought this bench was great. It was made from an old head board and foot board. Love me some upcycle greatness.


These chairs. If we had room in the car and if I had space in my house, oh and if I a bigger budget, I would have bought these. Yeah, that was a long way to go to say that I loved these chairs. Little back pillow and all.

This little lovely red teapot actually did come home with me! It’s a Hall and I’ve got a weakness for them.

These yellow and green eagle decanters were so unique. In the right place, these would be awesome. It’s kinda hard to not use words like “love” and “awesome” when I go vintage shopping. It’s a weakness. Maybe I need to broaden my vocabulary.

After our trip to Thistle, we went out for dinner at The Foundry and had beers! (Yay). The Ginger Shandy and the dark beer mixed with root beer were too delicious.

After we finished eating, Jess took me up to the lounge space and I was in vintage love. The lamp, leather couches, and curtains were perfect. I could totally picture myself curled up watching some Johnny Carson while sipping a dirty martini (that’s what people did back then, right?).

Well, that raps up our trip to Kansas City! It was so good to see each other and I’m happy that we got some much needed hang out time!

Stay tuned next week for more posts about my trip. Next up, St. Louis and Chicago!

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One response to “Thistle: Kansas City, MO – Part 2”

  1. Geri wurth says:

    Thank you, Jess! Your kind comments about Thistle are much appreciated! Your pictures are great.

    Unbelievably, I have never been to the Foundry! That one leather-couch picture makes me want to go stat. : )

    Best, Geri

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