Last week when I discovered
WhatParty on Etsy
, I knew it was an awesome find. Even the About section of her Etsy Profile makes her sound awesome:

My name is Stephanie Tillman, and I’m an American embroidering in London. If I ever have a daughter, I will name her after my granny who loved to cross stitch, and my great-aunt who cut the tops off her tennis shoes to let her toes hang out. You can follow me on Twitter, but I’ve only tweeted once.

What is not to love about that? Seriously.

Add to that this awesome cross-stitch and I think you’ll be in love like I am.

She cross-stitches dinosaurs and sweet pop culture references, you guys.

And manatees. Maybe I’m one of the few among us who was a member of an Earthsavers’ club that wrote angry letters to her congressional representatives on Big Chief tablets when she was 5 (Mrs. Broadbent was the best Kindergarten teacher!) but I have a real soft spot for manatees. They’re so majestic.

I think these pieces are a little bit spendy, averaging around $35 for the ones I’m interested in, but they’re really cute and they manage to merge a traditional craft with a modern sense of humor — and, let’s face it, if you’re reading this blog you’re pretty into both of those things. Be sure to click the images to be directed to the Etsy listings.

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One response to “WhatParty on Etsy”

  1. Geri wurth says:

    Hi Jess and Mary,

    LOVE these needlepoints- what a sense of humor. You guys find the best stuff.


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