After my family and I hit up Marion, KS and Kansas City, MO our next stop was St. Louis, Missouri! We decided that we needed to go see the Gateway Arch. It was a quick trip not even lasting 24 hours, but I’m so glad we did it.

I have to say, the arch is really a site to see. It’s quite beautiful and since we happened to be there while the Fair St. Louis was going on, there was an air show. Nothing feels quite so “America” like an air show, fair food, and a July 4th celebration. It was a great experience.

Because of the fair, we waited in very long lines to make it up the arch. Also, one of the trams kept having mechanical issues and so that delayed the lines further. Not to mention, a thunderstorm decided to hit while we were in the top of the arch. The arch swaying mixed with long lines to get back down, meant that I was a wee bit scared. Now that I look back on the experience, I’m so glad we went up.

There’s absolutely no way that a blog like ours can talk about the Gateway Arch without mentioning the architect Eero Saarinen. I’d love to say that I’m design savvy enough and I knew beforehand that he designed the arch, but that’s not the case. It was pretty awesome to find out though.

Yep, he’s the genius behind these lovelies: the tulip chairs and table. Such an iconic mid-century design. Also, I’m pretty sure that if I were to ever describe a chair or table as sexy it would be these.

Oh and did I mention that it poured rain on our walk back to get the car. Yep, soaked. Head to toe.

I really enjoyed our quick trip to St. Louis! Stay tuned for my vintage shopping in Chicago coming very soon!

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