Jess’s Picks

  • I’ve  been devouring Harry Potter lately, before breakfast, on my lunch break, and all evening. I’m so glad that I finally decided to read them! The only thing that would make them better is if they had covers seen in this Harry Potter Redesign by M.S. Corley. It’s a little dated but I just discovered it on Pinterest this week.

Mary’s Picks

  • Ever wonder about living off the grid? Well Infographic came up with a great graphic of exactly how much land a family of four would need to live off the grid. But what I’m wondering is, they didn’t include anything about sewage? I’m guessing you’d create your own solution somehow?
  • This plant based air purifier that I saw on Shoebox Dwelling this week is really awesome. This would be a great solution if you’ve got a home full of plant nibbling animals. Also, plants (esp. ivy) are excellent are getting rid of toxins in your home.
  • You know Jess and I have a love of quilts, and so when I saw this I got so excited. This couple requested a piece of fabric from their wedding guests and then had those pieces made into a quilt. So special and sentimental. (via Whatever)
  • It’s here! It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting to see Karen from The Art of Doing Stuff reveal her new chicken coop. She did just that this week. This woman built and designed the whole thing herself. Honestly, the design details on the coop are exquisite. This would be beautiful if it was just a shed even. The dark gray stain, gold hinges, and gold lanterns really push it over the top. If you’re not familiar with Karen’s blog go check out her backyard reno too. It’s just as stunning.
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One response to “Friday Reader Roundup”

  1. […] when Jess talked about ombré hair, well Jeskya over at Visual Vocabulary did pink ombré tips on her hair! I’m loving this. […]

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