Way back in the beginning of July (Does July feel like way back in everyone else’s summer too?), we listed a handy summary of the first seven posts in our Choosing Secondhand Furniture series. Now, I’m back to summarize the final seven posts.

On July 12, I discussed ways to get around the non-existent return policy with secondhand furniture and try to make the best of your purchases that don’t work out by reselling them or turning them in to something that will work for you. I also shared my inspiration for the plans I have to DIY repurpose our harvest table that just didn’t work as a table for us.

On July 19, Mary shared her tips for making the in-the-moment decision to buy something you find secondhand. She reminded you to consider what you’d like to pay/think you should pay for a find, the lines, the size, and the fact that you’ll always be able to find another piece you love even if you decide to walk away from a good find.

Also, try and view your house as an ongoing collection of pieces you love. I mean, your probably always going to outgrow things and your taste will change, but the less you view your house as something that you have to fill with loads of furniture right now, the more that those pieces you place in it will mean to you and those you share your house with.

On July 26, we both shared our other considerations when buying secondhand. This was a laundry list of awesome suggestions for keeping yourself organized so you remember what you want and what colors and textures you’re already working with. It also became a catchall for all of our advice that didn’t fit into a post.

While we were on the subject of other considerations, it occurred to us that maybe pests and how to avoid them needed a little bit more attention. So, on August 2, I offered my advice for avoiding, identifying, and treating pest infestation — with some special attention to bed bugs and why they are gross and terrible and you should never want to risk letting your space get infested with them.

(Picture omitted because all of the pictures in the post were of gross bugs.)

Finally, on August 9 and August 16, we shared our advice for where to shop for secondhand furniture including the hard to sift through places like estate sales, auctions, and garage sales for hardcore secondhand shoppers and the standard places like brick and mortar stores and the online staples.

We hope you’ve had as much fun creating a grand strategy for choosing secondhand furniture as we have. Of course, we know there are things we’ve left out so we’ll ask you for your best advice here, too. What do you consider when choosing secondhand furniture?

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