Today is Kyle and my third wedding anniversary. We were married in Topeka on August 30, 2008 after dating for just over a year and a half. I’m on vacation from work this week so I have the day off to relax and Kyle only teaches one class today so we slept in, went out for his hair cut and lunch and now he’s off to teach. Tonight we’re going to dinner for chinese in town at a place we discovered recently.

I first developed an interest in design and decorating when I started planning our wedding. My friends can confirm that during wedding planning, I kind of forgot how to have conversations about anything other than what we were thinking about doing. It was so much fun! Honestly, I think I was a lot surprised by how much fun I had planning the little details. We had a short (six month) engagement, so, fortunately, I wasn’t in my wedding planning haze for too long. Here are some of my favorite details from our wedding and the reception that followed:

I/we handmade a lot of the things for our wedding. I designed our invitations and then screen-printed them on a gocco.

I also did all of our flowers for the wedding. I tied together our boutonnieres and bouquets. We went with sunflowers for most of the flowers and viking poms and craspedia for the boutonnieres. I love that we decided on sunflowers because now that we’re back in the Midwest it’s like the whole month celebrates our anniversary with wild sunflowers growing everywhere.

The details we couldn’t do ourselves we sourced out to Etsy or friends. Our rings were bought on Etsy from a shop that’s no longer around.

We also got our gifts for our groomsmen on Etsy. They each got a custom set of cufflinks that suited them. Kyle’s brother got lego cufflinks, his best man (who is a sales rep for an auto parts manufacturer) got a nut and bolt cufflink set, others got maps of the two towns they attended college and law school, compasses, and poker dice.

I’m also very happy about how our reception space turned out. We rented an old house in town. It was very beautiful all by itself and gave us an ambience without requiring a lot of extra work on our part. We just added a few pompoms (because I love them).

Our cake was also very special. My aunt made it for us and she was convinced it would be a total scandal to have chocolate icing but ultimately decided she liked how it turned out. It was really delicious and looked great next to the cake topper we used that had yellowed a bit since it sat on my grandparents wedding cake in the 1940s.

In the end, of course, a wedding only really matters because it gets you the important thing: a marriage. We have a great one and I’m so excited to spend the third of many anniversaries celebrating our love. Of course, reminiscing about the party that followed will always be a lot of fun!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous photo of you two! I bet your wedding and reception were fun. I love all of your special touches. The cuff links were awesome! Great idea!

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