Last month I journeyed home to attend the Grape Escape, an annual benefit for the Topeka Performing Arts Center. Since it fell on a First Friday weekend, I also had the chance to stop by my mom’s friend’s new shop in the North Topeka Arts District. The NoTo Arts District is a historic part of Topeka that has recently been adopted to be a new arts neighborhood. I’m really excited to see life breathed in to a part of town very close to where I grew up!

Two Days Monthly Market is open every First Friday and Saturday and its owned by Coralee and Lisa, the owners of Brickhouse Antiques. Brickhouse is the first antique store I actually enjoyed visiting and when it came time to start furnishing our home, Kyle and I have enjoyed opportunities to shop there so I have been anxious to check out their new store.

Check out some of the awesome displays and items for sale from their August 5 and 6 sale.

This antique grocer’s scale really caught my eye, especially after just seeing a grocer’s scale used as a fruit basket in the home tour I mentioned earlier this month.

This mid-century style buffet is in great shape! That color is beautiful.

This bike is also so neat!

One of these two benches (or both?) might need to be mine if they’re still around. I love the style of them and the length is perfect for our living room.

This breadbox is maybe my favorite find. I wish that I either used enough flour and sugar that I didn’t need a really tight seal on my colander or that I had the counter space to display something so cool without using it. Can you tell I’ve been talking myself in to and out of this purchase since I first laid eyes on it?

Shopping at Two Days is awesome because in addition to all the great vintage finds, the displays have great design inspiration too.

I can’t wait to go back! Unfortunately, I’m hours away from heading to St. Louis and Carbondale, IL for the weekend so I won’t make it to their September 2 and 3 sale that begins today. I might have to send my mom after some things. All of my photos and review of the store were from the tail end of the Saturday sale and I’ve been told that it was a little picked over if you saw it before. Still plenty of awesome finds though (and it will freshly stocked tonight)!

If you’re one of our Topeka reader stop in and check it out this weekend and if you’re not so close to the NoTo Arts District away, keep Two Days and Brickhouse in mind for your next Midwest thrift tour.

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3 responses to “Two Days Monthly Market in Topeka”

  1. Karl says:

    Great review, Jess! Glad you got to visit. It’s one of my favorite spots for antiques, too — a really well-curated collection.

  2. CS says:

    You can still use the breadbox….just put your flour and sugar in zip bags – or even better, a bread sack with a twisty tie because it will adjust better to the space. Then just stick your staples right in there. That’s how I use my old containers.

    • Jess says:

      That’s a good idea! I suppose I could use it for other things than it’s labeled for too. We buy coffee buy the half pound and get all kinds of beans so I need a better solution for storing the little bags.

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