Last weekend, I had some pretty good luck adding to my teapot collection when we stopped at a few antique stores along our route.

Kyle tried to point out a green and blue electric teapot but he just pointed at the booth so I ended up in the one next door and decided I would get this mushroom tea kettle instead.

It was really inexpensive, like under $3, so it was a good impulse buy. I also really like the mushroom motif but not enough to let it take over my kitchen. I think one teapot in this style will be enough. It’s not in good enough shape to use, but I usually only have one tea kettle on the stove at all times to be ready to warm water. After I showed this to Kyle, he showed me the one he intended to point out.

As you can see, I decided to take this one home too. It’s electric but that plug can be removed so I think I’m going to do that to display it. I haven’t tested it yet either. It might be fun to use if it still heats up.

On our way home, we stopped at a different store and I found this lovely blue floral teapot. I love the shade of blue!

My collection is really starting to come together. I don’t have quite enough to make my dream shelf yet, but they are taking over little spots in my kitchen. I have a row above our kitchen cabinets and several spread out on our kitchen shelves that I refinished at the beginning of this summer.

The new ones look great on the other shelf!

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