After all of the organizing I did in the middle of the week, I almost thought I would be ready to go back to work by the time last Tuesday rolled around. Then, Kyle and I left for a two night getaway to St. Louis and Carbondale, Illinois and all of that left my mind. We had a great time in St. Louis and I developed more of a fond feeling for that city than I’ve ever had before. In fact, the original plan was to just go to Carbondale until I read an article in Food & Wine about the great microbrewery scene in St. Louis. That article combined with my desire to maybe have one evening to ourselves on our anniversary vacation lead to our decision to stay in St. Louis on Friday night.

Kyle pricelined a room at the downtown Hyatt for us at a really good price. I enjoyed our stay there but after my wonderful experience at the Embassy Suites in Omaha, I was underwhelmed by the lack of pool and breakfast and the price of parking. On the whole, the St. Louis Hyatt was a lot prettier and more updated on the inside than the Omaha Embassy Suites had been.

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As you can see, the hotel was pretty swank, especially in the lobby. The room we stayed in was a little more architecturally interesting than the one pictured but all of the furniture was identical. I loved the headboard! It was so beautifully tucked. And the bed was really comfortable. Our bed at home is really, really comfortable and since we got it I usually complain about hotel beds quite a bit so it was nice that this one was like 85% as comfortable as ours.

I also liked the bathroom a lot. The shower was one of my favorite hotel showers — a very spacious walk-in — and I love raised sinks. The bathroom upgrades look like they were slapped in by someone in about fifteen minutes though. I wouldn’t want someone inspecting it closely at all. You can almost tell how bad the work is from the pictures, can’t you?

Another fun thing about Hyatts is you can shop for furniture, linens, and other things from your room. I’m still not quite sure about the connection between the stuff in the catalog and the stuff in our room but it was fun to thumb through and dream about buying the almost $5,000 Eames office chair and ottoman.

After we got settled in our room we went out for microbrews. We had a couple rounds with friends at Buffalo Brewing Co. and then moved to Urban Chestnut Brewing Company where we had a few more. All the beers were really delicious and the selection at Urban Chestnut was impressive. I definitely want to make a trip back to try a few more.

As you can see from Kyle’s photo of me at Urban Chestnut, it was kind of a quiet night in St. Louis which let us have a good chat with the bartender about their craft.

In the morning, we set out for brunch in what we both agree was a major success of Google. The Hyatt had an on-site full-service Starbucks so when I woke up I wandered downstairs and got an Americano. I then googled “breakfast near downtown St. Louis” on my phone and one of the first results was for Rooster. After eating delicious crepes with Mary on my last morning in Austin, I have an even stronger nostalgic attachment to crepes so when it comes to brunch they are my first choice.

Rooster did not disappoint.

I had a bloody mary that was completely delicious. Served with olive (yuck), lemon, and garlic as garnish, it was maybe the best brunch idea i had all morning.

For my meal, I ordered the breakfast burrito crepe with egg (the most perfectly cooked egg I have ever eaten) and breakfast potatoes (made in house from never-frozen potatoes) and salsa (with anise! how clever!) on top.

Kyle had the Rooster Slinger which was named the Best Breakfast in Missouri by Food Network Magazine.

He added the bacon to it because, hey, it’s vacation.

Just looking at our photos makes me think that I might need to go back when I have to be back in St. Louis for work at the end of next week. Well, I’m actually sure I do need to go back. It’s just a matter of logistics.

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