I’m really hoping that you all aren’t super tired of hearing about the trip that I took way back in JULY. Remember I went to Marion, KS, Kansas City, MO, St. Louis, and Chicago? So, hang in there because I’m almost done. Promise!

Also, remember my post about Breckenridge, Texas were I swore at myself like a sailor for losing my pictures. Guess what?! I found some of them! Yay! Enough to give you my Thrift Tourist write up about Mendelson Liquidation Outlet, anyway. ***Disclaimer, settle in for a lot of photos, y’all...

But first, we went all the way to a suburb of Detroit, MI to go here…

That’s not just any Estate Sale, my friends. Nope, it’s a CASH AND CARI Estate Sale. I was super pumped!

When we got there, they were filming. We walked in toward the end of the sale so Cari was just chillin’ in the living room in a recliner. We chatted with her about where we were from and then checked out the rest of the sale. The home was of a serious collector of Americana. Also, there was a gigantic Barbie. Honestly, she (the Barbie) was a little creepy.

Cari was super nice and so was everyone else working there. I didn’t get a picture with her because I don’t want to be that type of fan. Also, my biggest reason, I had just gotten out of the car after riding for five hours so let’s just say I wasn’t exactly camera ready. Anywho, super cool experience and so glad we went. We actually didn’t buy anything, though.

She did reply tweet to me, so that was nice!

Okay, on to Dayton, Ohio. We went to the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market where I either didn’t take any photos or lost all of mine. Poop. Drat.

After there we went to downtown Dayton and hit up Mendelson Liquidation Outlet. Here’s the Apartment Therapy Marketplace page and their Ebay site. They don’t really have a website.

First, let me just say “Holy Outlet Shopping, Batman!!!” When we walked into this place (two buildings and three huge floors), I’m pretty sure our mouths just dropped. This is the graveyard where all closed retail shops, restaurants, schools, whatsoever go to rest.

It was super overwhelming at first. There were rows, rows, and more rows of old fixtures from retail shops. Like, jewelry display cases, shelving, books cases, tables, booths, and so much more.

After this building, we went over to the main building (the one from the picture above). It’s got five floors and three of which are accessible to customers. The final floor we went on was nothing but electrical supplies and hardware. Insane.

Too rainbowlicious not to grab a photo of.

Rows of chairs…

I seriously considered purchasing these crates, but my wise mother talked me out of them. She noticed that they weren’t just dirty but that dirt was oil. I was too blinded by their rustic, box crate-y goodness to see that this oil residue would be a nightmare. Thanks, Mom!

Also, on this floor were more storage solutions that I could wrap my mind around (can you tell I was a wee bit overwhelmed?). Wouldn’t these be awesome in an office/craft/sewing space? Bolts of pretty patterned fabric folded up in these?

If I had room in my house or in the car, these old, school chairs would have come home with me. For what, I don’t know, but they were fab. One in every color would make an awesome kiddos art space. Not that I have kiddos, but I do have a niece and nephew!

More storage solution goodness…

These rainbow patterned dishes made me pause. I thought they were so sweet and pretty. We don’t need them and I’ve already got too many coffee mugs. Cute though, right? Oh and if you notice, the plates didn’t have the yellow that the mugs did. Bummer.

Did you hang in there? Through all those photos? Thanks!

Can you believe I didn’t even show you all the clothing, industrial kitchen supplies, books, outdoor furniture, lighting, lockers, and more? That’s how huge this place is! If you find yourself in Dayton, OH you must stop in here! If not to buy, just to look. Also, this place makes you wonder why anyone would ever buy anything new for their store. Mendelson had it all!

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