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Being so digitally minded, I’ve never been the best paper journaller. I can’t draw very well at all so when I journal, I stick to creating pretty web layouts for whatever online journal is popular at the moment. I had a friend that keeps paper journals though and hers are always so beautiful. There’s something so romantic about a record meant to be read only by you and those you share it with. Maybe that’s why I was so inspired by this image I found.

I think it was used to show the blog’s reviews after an Earl Grey contest, but you could totally keep a tea journal like this for yourself and etsy has some really beautiful accessories that fit the theme.

Keep Calm and Drink Tea Union Jack French Note by mulberrymuse

This one is great because I really prefer moleskines. I prefer to write on gridded paper rather than lined and so they work perfect.

Tea is the key notebook by ilikepens on etsy

I also love this one though. The design is so simple. “Thé” is French for tea so I first thought it was a reference to that (and maybe it is) but it’s a really pretty plain paper journal.

Green Tea Pocket Journal with koi by SoundAndWhimsy on Etsy

If you’re more interested in recycled products, this green tea pocket journal is perfect. I think it would also be a fairly simple DIY if you had a spare empty box of tea that could be rescued from the recycling and turned into something useful.

There’s no need to stop at the notebook. Plenty of really cute accessories exist too.

Stationary Clutch Autumn Fall 2011 Linen In by downstairsDesigns.

It’s really cooling down for fall and this cozy fall-colored stationary clutch looks like it’s just waiting for you to curl up with a cup of tea to do some serious writing.

Mini Bandolier / replace your pencil case / Wood by cleverhands.

I love these bandolier’s too. Cleverhands shop has some really great fabrics turned into such a handy accessory.

I hope you’re as inspired and ready to drink tea as I am! Might just have to grab a cup over lunch today.

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2 responses to “Start a Tea Journal”

  1. Rachelle says:

    I love these journals! I’ve been journaling since high school and it’s neat to look back years down to road to see what I was thinking back then. (Sometimes embarrassing!) Sometimes it’s hard to keep it up, but writing even a little each night works for me.

  2. Tonia says:

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