Right now Apartment Therapy is having their annual Design Showcase. There has been some truly amazing designs submitted. I’ve been really looking forward to the posts and features AT is doing on these designers.The features have me a tad bit bummed out that all we can do is look at the designs because they aren’t available for purchase. This got me thinking about all of the other great items I’ve seen out in the blogosphere lately, but lack that “buy” button.

This brilliant soap dispenser/soap shaver I saw way back in January on Swiss Miss.

Soap Flakes by Nathalie Stämpfli

How great is this design?! You simply place a bar of soap and lather up all those little shavings. I love this because a.) less soap waste and b.) the majority of liquid soaps are bad for you and the planet. Also, bars of soap melt in the shower way too fast and being able to store this shaver thingamajig away from the water would be totally rad. Wish I could buy it.

Next up, this is the most adorable piggy bank ever.

Pyggy Bank by Mendo (via Pinterest)

I love the modern design and the function. But, it’s just available to look at too. No buy-sies here.

Lastly, one of the designs on Apartment Therapy’s showcase. This rubber, brass tapered candle holder is really great.

Nimble by Dominic D’Andrea and Tram Pham

It’s made of material you can easily twist so that the candle residue just peels off. Honestly, this is why I hate tapered candles and why I don’t own candlesticks of any sort. The cleanup is too much effort for me (first world problems). I love these though, and my, oh my the color options are so pretty.

Seen any designs that you’ve loved lately but aren’t available for purchase?

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