Yesterday, Kyle and I discussed our fall punch list for this house. We know we need to do some weatherproofing including replacing the weatherstripping on the front door, insulating and drywalling our mud room/laundry room/pantry, and insulating and framing in the reach-in closet in our bedroom.

I suggested that we turn the reach-in closet into an office.

I did this because on Friday I saw this picture from Whimages and it had me so motivated to turn the closet into an office.

This really makes sense for us to do because:

  1. We have to frame the closet in anyway because we ran vents upstairs from our basement through the closet and it’s basically a hole leading into our basement.
  2. Kyle has been doing a lot of work from home because he teaches college and is essentially telecommuting for a new company he’s working with and would like to have a dedicated desk space on our main floor.
  3. Our bedroom is a more ideal spot for an office area because it’s relatively out of sight and we have a tv in there.

I was so excited when Kyle got as excited about this idea as I was.

So I started a pinboard and fired up Google Sketchup.

On Pinterest, I discovered this closet-turned-office and for some reason I keep returning to it.

I love the bold wallpaper which would be nice for us because it would mean we don’t have to drywall over the plyboard that was used to build the closet by the previous owners.

I really like the use of wire shelving at the top and the melanine shelving that’s more visible.

A curtain is ideal for us because a sliding door would keep it half-closed off all the time but even a bi-fold door would interfere with the door into the bedroom.

I’m still working on our sketchup designs so for those, tune back in next week. Until then, check out my Closet Project Pinboard to see what I’ve got inspiring this latest project.

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