Happy Monday, everyone! Last week I was in Lubbock, Texas visiting my family and I also managed to bring a cold back with me. Although, while I was in Lubbock I ventured out to one of the new vintage shops. This place popped up after I moved from Lubbock and so I was really happy to go and check it out.

Daddy O’s vintage is a small store inside a little strip mall. It’s not large but I was really impressed with the items they did have and the prices! The store owner was working while I was in there. So I got to chat with her for a bit. I love that. Small shop and super nice people who love vintage finds. My kind of place.

She admitted to me that she’s an avid Pyrex collector and you can tell by this lovely wall of vintage Pyrex. So pretty.

Also, all of the items that I looked at were in really good condition. The furniture were priced super reasonably too. They were probably about a third of the price of what I’d find in Austin. So that’s awesome. I was really wanting a huge truck and huge budget to bring so much of this vintage goodness back with me.

This chair was only $30 and I really wanted to bring it back for my desk. But, I think I’m needing something a bit more comfortable.

These chairs were $125 for the pair. She was also very willing to work with me on prices.

 I don’t normally gravitate toward western themed items, but I loved this vintage covered wagon. Isn’t it so sweet? This would be great in a little kids room.

There were so many more great items in this place. If you’re in Lubbock you’ve got to check out Daddy O’s vintage. Unfortunately, they are only open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the other gem I discovered while in Lubbock. Total mid-century modern dream.

Have a great rest of the day!

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4 responses to “Daddy O’s Vintage: Lubbock, Texas”

  1. Geri wurth says:

    Ooh! I love all your finds! Those chairs are awesome! And I would totally buy the lamp and find somewhere to put it.

    I wonder, is Lubbock anywhere near Round Top? Or Austin? I would like to visit both places.


    • Mary says:

      Thanks, Geri! Unfortunately, Lubbock isn’t near anything (that’s why I moved). haha. It’s in West Texas about 400 miles from Austin (Central Texas). You can make a great weekend trip there but there’s just not a ton to do. Although, Jess and I could give you some tips on great places to check out if you decided to make it out there. Round Top is near Austin so those two would be totally doable!

  2. Erica says:

    Which strip mall is it in? Keith and I would like to check it out.

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