Last week, I shared some of my inspiration for Kyle and my plans to turn our reach-in master closet into an office. I’ve been mocking up some designs for it using Google Sketchup and I’d like to share those with you today.

My first design uses a lot of furniture we already have. Our file cabinet is wood, and our table-style desk is a little more modern but this gives you the general idea. ClosetMaid has a “dynamic component” modular shelving unit in Google Sketchup so I could add a shelving unit and then play around with the number of shelves and configurations. I couldn’t change from the wire shelves to melamine, but if this plan is the one we go with, I plan to use wire shelving for the top shelf only and melamine for the bottom ones. We would also need a much more comfortable chair. I really like that when we’re ready to move our office out of this closet and sell the house, we would only need to move the furniture out and it would be a fully functional closet for our buyers.

The second design closely mirrors one of my inspiration photos. It would require a little more construction on my part but I think that it’s all within my abilities.

For my last design, I thought I should model a his-and-hers desk option. Kyle and I have had this kind of configuration before but once we added the computer monitor to plug a laptop into, we really gravitated toward the desk that had the monitor. I tried to account for some of that by putting the monitor in the center of the desk so it could rotate, but I’m still not sure this plan would be worth the extra work. We almost never want to use a deak at the same time.

We’ll be weighing the pros and cons over the next few weeks. We also might need to play around with a modified first design as we just bought a new desk at an auction on Sunday!

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2 responses to “Turning a Closet into an Office: Plans”

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