Last weekend I had a great time hunting around for finds. I stopped by The Rusty Chandelier in St. Joseph, which is one of my favorite antique/vintage shops in my area. I was looking for something that would work as sidetables for our bed but (as usual) ended up with a bunch of other great finds that didn’t fit my original goal at all.

I actually scored all three of these things at the same booth called “En Vogue Vintage”! It was so beautifully decorated that I think if I would have looked much longer I would have ended up buying a lot more. Most of her items were white, off-white, or gold and she had handmade beautiful little tags for them and displayed them all on an old painted white vanity with a beautiful rounded mirror. Her prices were (as you will soon see) really wonderful.

I bought this little japanese cut glass dish for $1.50. It now lives on the bookshelf in our entryway. We have a little bowl that catches our keys there already but this is perfect for loose change or chapstick or anything else that needs to be returned to pockets on  your way out our door!

I bought this pocket watch necklace for $7.99. It’s so beautiful and it came with a very long chain so I feel like it’s super stylish too. I don’t think this is vintage because she had maybe five or six that were very similar — a few with crowns, one with an eiffel tower, and one with a fleur de lis. I love it though! It’s so fun to press the little button and see the time. The length is about perfect for me and should make it easier to wear this with another necklace or two.

My final purchase was this set of cappuccino cups and saucers. The whole set was only $3.99! You might be thinking that the price makes sense because it’s missing three cups, but to me it’s like paying $3.99 for a set of six cups and saucers and getting three free saucers to use in projects! I’m sure you’ll be seeing the saucers again soon.

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