Last week while I was loading up on all of my various crafty supplies for Christmas decorating projects, I came across this coffee mug at Goodwill. I loved the vintage colors and I knew that glass when I saw it: Anchor Hocking Fire King. Fire King is no longer made and was originally created for basic, everyday use giveaway glassware. And what that means, is that it was commonly given away with sacks of flour and such. Now, it’s extremely collectible.

So, when I saw this mug I knew it was coming home with me and for .59 cents, why not? I decided the next day that I would look it up and just do a simple Google search on “Stuckey’s Coffee Club”. First hit was this listing on Ebay. Drum roll…..

I was totally shocked! $87!!! I was not expecting that. At. All. So now, I’m left with a dilemma. Should I sell or not sell? I do really love the vintage goodness of this coffee mug, but an $86.41 profit is really something!

Now, I’m asking you. What should I do? Would you go through the hassle of setting up an Ebay or Etsy shop with the hopes of selling this mug? I mean, I’ve got my eye on other vintage goodies that I could totally sell in a shop. What do you think?

I’ve linked up to Flea Market Finds over at Her Library Adventures. Go check out all the goodness!

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5 responses to “Thrift Share: Stuckey’s Coffee Club Fire King Mug”

  1. Dale says:

    I love this mug!! I am a Stuckey’s collector and have a couple in my collection. It was definitely a good buy at .59 cents. I am on the lookout, but have never found one at a local thrift store.

  2. Joy Jones says:

    I found one today at my local Rescue Mission thrift store for .50. I have several pieces of Fire King in my collection and will probably hold on to this for awhile. I have bought Several pieces of Jadeite there at reasonable prices.

  3. Holly says:

    I picked one of these up at a garage sale for .10! I had no idea what it was – I just liked the colors and thought it was cool. It’s a great piece and I keep mine around to remind me there is still good stuff out there for cheap!

    • Mary says:

      Yay! That’s awesome! I was the same: loved the colors and thought it was cool. No idea, either. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by the blog. xoxo-Mary

  4. William B. says:

    As a Stuckey’s collector, I would suggest you just donate it to me for free. I’ll sell it for you 🙂

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