I’m wearing my favorite winter sweater today. It’s a really deep purple with a really warm but comfortably loose neckline, somewhere between a turtleneck and a cowle. I got it as a Christmas gift last year and I love it! Today’s tea party is all about dark purple, warm natural wood, and christmas spirit. I had a difficult time finding the right teapot for the job. I envisioned something really modern and made of natural wood, maybe square cast iron teapot encased in some kind of sturdy wood, but it appears that I’ll have to design that one if I want it so I opted for this Staub La Theiere instead.

The color is about right and I really like the spout. Plus, I imagine it’s very sturdy. It looks … substantial.

Lovely Crocheted Purple Chri…




Crochet Baby Blanket / Afgha…


Set of Three Barn Wood Chris…


large hand dyed silk scarf …


Salvaged wood Christmas tree…


Vintage Christmas PURPLE Mer…


15 Natural Pear Wood Slices …


Paper Stars – Eggplant Purpl…


purple christmas tags, rusti…


Rustic wood Christmas gift t…


Wood Christmas Tree Ornament…


As for the party, I picked out some stockings, a wreath, and a baby blanked to set some ambiance around the room. Next, I opted for some natural wood trees in different styles for centerpieces and a beautiful, large purple scarf decorated with purple mercury glass ornaments as a table runner. At each place setting: a variety of purple stars, white and purple gift tags, and wood gift tags along with a carved wooden christmas ornament each guest can take home.

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One response to “An Aubergine Christmas Party”

  1. Dinesh says:

    I like the idea of a white tree … just tell your mom it is a regular green tree, but it’s coerevd in snow! With all the snow we’ve been getting, it seems plausible.

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