On Tuesday, I shared my menu for my new year’s eve party. Today, I’m making my list of supplies for centerpieces, decorations, and games during the party. Here’s a quick rundown of the decorations I’m thinking of making:

Who knew fortune cookies were a perfect way to decorate champagne glasses? Since fortune cookies, an American invention, always bring good fortune, they will go wonderfully with a toast to the new year!

This place setting via Celebrate Carrie is so beautiful and festive. I like the idea of serving my noodles out of paper takeout boxes.

The centerpiece at this farewell party via Aimee Ferre is really beautiful. I love the reds and the tangerines which are symbol of wealth and prosperity for the new year. Fresh flowers aren’t in my budget but luckily I found a great DIY.

If I get ambitious and my patience is cooperating with me, these Crepe-Paper Lotus Blossoms via would be the perfect replacement for the fresh flowers on the table above.

Another necessity: Paper lanterns. I found this via Pinterest and unfortunately the blog  it linked to doesn’t seem to exist anymore but the step-by-step in the photo is easy enough to follow.

I also came across this Party Blowers DIY also from Martha Stewart while perusing Pinterest. It looked like a DIY decorated chopstick to me so that’s how I pinned it, but now that I look at the full DIY for Party Blowers, I might just have to do both!

My final possibility is a party game. Real Simple suggests having guests fill out little resolution cards and later trying to guess which resolution belongs to which guest. I don’t know that this kind of party game fits our personalities, after all these are the girls that threw me a funeral-themed bridal shower. Instead, I might have us each make our own mad-lib style resolution and then use an Apples to Apples deck to compete for the best filled in blank.

I guess we’ll just have to see where the night takes us!


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