2012 Printable Calendar by The Indigo Bunting (via Oh Joy!)

$30 for all 12 prints in 8×10

After posting this calendar last week in a hope chest, I really got to thinkg about how printable calendars are a super afforadable way to add some art in your home. Honestly, I don’t think you even need frames. Framing them does go along way to having a finished look; however, as long as the hanging method is consistent then hanging them as a gallery will look finished all by itself. Heck, you could even just use a little piece of Japanese washi tape to stick each month to the wall. I’m wanting to change out the art in our hallway, and this is on my list of considerations.

Here’s a list of my favorites along with the one from above:

2012 Printable Calendar from Bits + Pieces by Ashley Delaney 

$7 (!!!) with each month being 5.5″ x 8.5″

This is a bargain! You could have a really cute, simple calendar for only $7. I love the simple art!

 2012 Printable Calendar by Lisa Samartino Design

Each is an 8″ x 10″ printout and you get all 12 for $19

I like that there’s a lot of design on each month and at $19 you get some great art!

2012 Geometric Wall Calendar by Leah Duncan

This is printed on textured paper and it’s 11×17 for $22.

Leah is one of my favorite graphic designers and I love everything in her shop. Also, she’s based in Austin! Yay for local artists!

I hope you’re enjoying the start to the new year. A brand new calendar is a great way start with a fresh look in 2012!

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