I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! A couple of months ago I sold my desk chair to a friend who could use it for her office. It was big and bulky and didn’t fit my new space in this small house. I loved it though. Super comfortable and it was awesome while I sat and wrote my thesis for hours during grad school. Well, now my demands are more for space and I’m less concerned about comfort. I mostly use my desk to get ready in the morning and as a sew space.

Here’s my Drexel Profile Line Series desk that I wrote about here.

I love this desk so much that but it can’t sit without a chair partner anymore. So, I’m on the hunt for a new chair.

If I had the cash I’d be purchasing this lovely steel and turquoise mid-century chair in a heartbeat from Ivory Bird on Etsy. It’s $260 and then I’d have to pay shipping from New Jersey. But, man, it’s so pretty.

This swivel chair from Pottery Barn Teen is also quite great. It’s small and a bit industrial, but the price tag is painful. And, I’m not sure that it would even be comfortable to sit in for ten seconds. But so pretty.

Okay, so here’s the price comparison segment of this post. The Bubble White Leather Office Chair from CB2 is very similar to the Tobago Office Chair below from Target. The one from Target is $144 and the CB2 one is $199. Worth the $50 savings!

Now another price comparison is the Felix White Office Chair from Crate and Barrel is $149 and the chair right below it is the JULES chair from IKEA for $40. I know that the CB chair is prettier but if you’re on a budget the IKEA chair totally works.

Crate and Barrel: Felix Chair

IKEA: Jules Chair

I think I’m going to hit up my thrift/vintage stores this week and see what I can find. If nothing turns up soon, I’m going to get the IKEA chair. It’ll be perfect for what I need. Any other affordable chairs you think would work for my desk?

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