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This new year really has me feeling inspired to get my home looking lovely and the way I want it to. But, I’m on a budget so that means it’ll be slow coming. Which, I’m totally okay with but there are moments when I just want to buy that pretty $500 rug or that $2000 sofa. Not that I have $500 or $2000 to even spend in the first place, but I especially don’t have that money to spend on home goods.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Pinterest Eye-Candy. I love Pinterest for all its pinning goodness, but also because it keeps those beautiful home elements that I love so much, and strive to create in my own space, fresh in my mind. This way when I’m at a thrift store, broswing Craigslist, or shopping at my favorite vintage store I can easily recall how to put that Pinterest inspiration into action.

Here’s what I’ve loved lately:

Isn’t this little kitchen perfect? I love the color palette and that small stove. Cute, cute, cute. Hmm, I wonder if my landlord will let me paint my cabinets? (Via Jesyka’s Pinterest)

Where do I start with this space? That table with tufted stools makes me want to sit down and write a novel. This hallway feels like such a creative, inspiring space. The white walls and all the color: lovely. (From Savvy Home via Pinterest)

Maybe one day my living room will feel as easy, warm, and fun as this space does. That vintage, mid-century tufted couch and the modern, graphic ampersand pillow are so serendipitous together. (Via Nicole’s Pinterest from Bonnie Tsang Photography) The home belongs to Bri Emery.

Lastly, be still my beating heart. This couch is ah-mah-zing. Honestly, if I owned this couch it would live in my ideal craft/sewing/work space and I would sit there working on my laptop. No boys or dogs allowed. (via Apartment Therapy from and my pin here).

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One response to “Pinterest Eye-Candy”

  1. mags says:

    I would kill Tinkerbell for that couch!

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