I finally did it! I’ve started turning the soil for my garden! It’s a small 10 x 4 plot. We’ve had so much rain here and warm weather that right now is the time to get started. The soil is so nice and soft and so turning it over was no big task.

My friend, Cathy, came over (because she’s had her own gardens in the past) and showed me the ropes. We decided on something small for my first vegetable garden. We laid out some rock and spare wood I had in the backyard to decided the size. Then I used my spade fork to dig in and turn over the soil. Now, all my soil is turned over and I just have to shake out the grass. Or, weeds rather.

As you can see in the top right picture, is where I’m going to start my compost. My plan is to get a few cinder blocks just to outline the space and hide the ugliness. I’ll just kill out the grass/weeds that are there right now by laying down a nice thick layer of leaves. All the leaves that have finally fallen will be perfect.

As I started to turn over the soil, I found some friends. The fat, creepy looking white worm is a grub. A few of these are okay, but you don’t want an infestation. According to the folks at my local nursery, an infestation is 16 grubs per square foot. So I dug a small little 12″x12″ square and then counted the grubs. I’ve only got 2-3 per square foot at most, so I’m good. They tend to feed on plant roots during the day and then at night they will crawl up and eat your plants. Bad news.

And then I found this big fat guy (girl?). If it’s a girl, I feel bad for calling her fat. Are earthworms androgynous? Hm, I should look that up. Anyway, this is an earthworm and they are awesome. They eat all the bad stuff and poop out good stuff. Basically. If you don’t have many worms in your start-up garden, you can purchase earthworm castings (aka poop).

Today, I went and bought compost from my local nursery, Natural Gardener. They are awesome and tell you exactly what you need to get. The total for the compost was $29. I’m going to mix all of it in with my soil and then in a few weeks, hopefully after we’ve had our last frost, I’ll begin to plant. In the meantime, I’m going to get the rest of the yard ready. Like, finish the compost pile, possibly build a small station for the grill, and maybe put down some morning glory seed.

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!

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