As you know, I’ve started my garden. Since I started so early in the year, I’m still in the stages of turning over the soil and mixing in compost. This has to happen so that my soil can be a happy home for all my veggies and herbs. The technical garden term of what I’m doing is amending the soil. Just a little garden vocab for your Wednesday.

So my garden dreams have grown into a full on vision for my backyard. Here’s my backyard now:

Blah and big, but a total blank slate. And here’s the corner where my garden is:

Here’s what I’m dreaming up:

Obviously this lovely, little drawing is not at all to scale, but it gives you the general idea of what I’m trying to accomplish. We rent and so I’m really not wanting to spend much money over the next several months to make this happen. That means I’m scouring Craigslist and keeping my eye out for any free materials that I can find.

Here’s my checklist of things that need to happen to make this backyard makeover a reality:

1. Lay down pavers/cinder block/pallets for Grill ($12) DONE (Updated 3/14)

2. Plant Morning Glories ($5)  DONE!

3. Plant Wildflower Mix ($5)  DONE!

4. Fix Picnic Table — It just needs some tightening of bolts, a little touch-up paint, and the planks to been renailed. You know, that’s all.

5. Water Trough Planter makeover — I’m getting this from my parent’s house. Their horse recently passed away (major sad face) and so they have his water trough. It’ll be an awesome planter.

6. Mix in Compost — Cost of the compost was $30  DONE! (Updated 3/14)

7. Lay Down Mulch — I’m going to lay down some pine needle mulch. I believe it’ll cost me about $14

8. Start Compost Pile   DONE!

9. Cinder blocks or some type of “fencing” for compost pile

10. Plant flowers around concrete patch

11. Create Walking path to Concrete patch DONE! (Updated on 3/14. This cost about $30)

12. Walking Path to Garden DONE! (Same as # 11)

13. Some type of garden Entry


Whoa, that feels like a lot. I’m thinking that I can make it happen over the next couple of months! I’m sure I’ll find more to add to the list, too. What do ya think?


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