For the Birds: A Roundup

It all started with a simple idea for a vegetable garden that has turned into an herb garden, flowers, and a concern for drawing in bees and birds. Who knew this simple garden idea would be such a slippery slope for me?

So, I’ve done some minor scouring of the blog-o-sphere to come up with my favorite do-it-yourself bird feeders and bird baths.

Simple glass bottle, wood shelf, wire, and the bottom of a plastic container. I would love bird feeders like these placed around my fence lines. It was an original DIY by Esprit Cabane but the link no longer works. (via Miss Decorate)

As usual, Design Sponge featured a great “Birdie Snack Shack” using two bamboo plates, paint, and some simple hardware. This is a great project to make your own.

($20 Bird Bath from The Art of Doing Stuff)

And the modern do-it-yourself guru, Karen, at The Art of Doing stuff did these last three (the one above and the two below). They are super cheap to make and so modern. I’m envisioning all three of these in my garden. Off to the thrift store to gather supplies!

(Feeders made from Glass Shades via The Art of Doing Stuff)

This bird bath on cost $6!!! Yep, 6 bucks…oh, that Karen. SO creative and pretty, right?!

My previous posts about my garden are available here. You can follow my garden board on Pinterest here and my board inspired board here.

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One response to “For the Birds: A Roundup”

  1. Rob Barker says:

    Some good ideas here, I love alternative ways of thinking. I am looking at some creative bird bath ideas. You’re site is very stimulating. Rob, Ashampstead, West Berkshire, UK.

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