Mary’s Picks

  • These skateboard photos taken by Bill Eppridge in the 60s are pretty awesome. I’ve never had the balance to ride a skateboard myself, but I do have a fondness for them. (via Honestly…WTF)
  • This new blog, The Comedy Albums Club, is written by a fella I tend to be pretty fond of. Finding a good comedy albums seems to be something that’s hard for the average person to come by and so Brendan has some great recommendations.

Jess’s Picks

Major monster apologies for the reallllly late post today. I have had a somewhat unpredictable day. It’s been good unpredictable though so don’t give me any sympathy. The worst parts were that I had to wait hours on an oil change and had a terrible Walmart experience (go figure, right?) and that my laptop battery was dead so I couldn’t even get the post up while I waited and waited. I suppose I should plan better and procrastinate less, but what’s the fun in that?

  • Now that it’s march, I feel like it’s finally okay to be so excited for spring flowers without feeling like the wait will be too long to handle it. I like this DIY (fake) flower topiary to get this spring feeling into my house.
  • has had so many cute poufs, and I seriously love to sit on the floor and craft at a coffee table. If my legs were happy being folded up underneath me all day, I may never move. DIY Pouf to the rescue.

Have you noticed I’m all about sewing projects lately? I really need to find the sewing machine pedal at Kyle’s parents or finally order a new one.

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One response to “Friday Reader Roundup”

  1. […] “Break Legs” is actually not as violent as it sounds. Since Brendan has started doing stand-up comedy, I’ve said “Break a Leg” before he heads out. Then one night I shortened it to […]

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