It’s been a while since I’ve shared a specific Etsy shop that I really like. Most of my shopping on Etsy lately has been for replacement wedding bands for Kyle and I, rings or jewelry for me, or series of items for a party treasury for our Thursday series. Recently, I ran across these handpainted miniature sculptures and collectibles by HandyMaiden and thought I should share them with you all.

Buffalo pocket totem figurine

Sloth pocket totem figurine

Elephant pocket totem figurine

Sheep pocket totem figurine

This series is for the travelers, the kids-at-heart, and everyone who wants to take an animal wherever they go. Of course, you can always keep them on your desk or any place in your home that currently needs an animal.

Each totem is sculpted out of polymer clay and measures roughly 1.5 inches. The simple sculptural design makes them sturdier than most decorative figurines, and they fit more comfortably in your jacket pocket. The piece is then cured and meticulously hand painted with as much care and attention to detail as my regular figurines– right down to their teeny faces– for maximum character and cuteness. The totem is then coated with several layers of protective varnish, for a smooth matte finish.

— From HandyMaiden’s shop

If you’re not as big of a fan of the impractical as I am .. or if you don’t have any place in your home that currently needs an animal.. there are also cute badges and earrings.

barn owl post earrings

Badger of Honor

honeybadger and snake post earrings


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8 responses to “Etsy Spotlight: Handpainted Miniature Sculptures and Collectibles by HandyMaiden”

  1. Chacha says:

    Quite the creative liltte child, isn’t she? Out of the mouths of babes, they say! What will she come up with next? Each day is a grand celebration of life through a child’s eyes. Love, Mom

  2. If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enlightenment.

  3. Wow, that’s a really clever way of thinking about it!

  4. I’m grateful you made the post. It’s cleared the air for me.

  5. but these properties will be liened to recover those costs from the propery owner. March 16, 2008 4:55 PM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sounds like this is just an end around way for use of ’eminent domain ‘ without getting caught .

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