Last week in this part of the world it rained for 5 days straight. I was really appreciative about the weather because there’s almost nothing I like to see in the forecast more than rain, an opinion I’m sure not many people share. The downside (or upside?) of the rain is that all of the grass and trees and flowers loved it too and now everything is growing like crazy and our lawn needs more maintenance than usual so early in the season.

That means we have to take care of a little crabgrass problem that is partially inherited and partially our fault. When we were doing demolition at the beginning of our remodel, the dumpster we rented from a company I would never go back to, got picked up a day early right after a heavy rain so it basically scraped grass out of our yard that fall. We stayed busy remodelling and didn’t take care of it so last year it just filled in with crabgrass.

I guess I didn’t mind it so much last year because the grass and crabgrass both greened up at about the same time and if you didn’t walk on it, it wasn’t so noticable. But this year, we have tall green grass and a bunch of dead crabgrass. It’s not pretty at all. I’m even too embarassed to use non-stock photos. It really looks awful.

The other problem is that I really don’t feel that competent about lawn care. I’m not even the one that mows and as soon as I started working on the lawn, I kept getting nervous that the neighbors were watching out their windows and laughing at me.

I guess I just need to think positive thought, rely on google and other blogs, and read instructions well!

My current plan of attack:

  • Pull up the patches of crabgrass in the yard
  • Spread fresh grass seed
  • Add Scott’s Turf Builder fertilizer
  • Water, water, water
  • Hope, hope, hope

Hopefully soon, we have a beautiful lawn that is great to walk on — or even lie down in.

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