Blog friends, we did it! Kyle and I successfully hosted our first family function at our house.

Somehow, using “the weather is usually nice on Easter” and “people keep saying they want to come see the house but they don’t ever come up” and “We have a lot of space and a nice deck” finally worked to get both of our extended families up to the house for a holiday. We combined my family — two parents, six aunts and uncles with dates, one cousin with a date, one brother with a date — and Kyle’s family — two parents and a grandmother — in the same house for a long afternoon. All in all, it went pretty well.

We told everyone to be there between 1 and 2. For my family, this means one, and for his this means two. So maybe next time I should average that out to 1:30 or something… but someone brought veggie tray and strawberries and there was Texas caviar so people weren’t starving until dinner went down at 2.

I think Kyle’s Easter feast stole the show:

That is a recycled catering tray with ham, smoked bacon-wrapped chicken in bbq sauce, and pork tenderloin in a mustard bbq sauce. By all accounts, it was all amazing. People keep telling us, and my mom, that the chicken and tenderloin were the best they’ve ever had. (I’m convinced it’s a testament to my true love for Kyle that I married him without ever tasting the fruits of his barbecue. I think he has guy friends in his life who would marry him just for his burgers. I suppose I do know that he makes some delicious vegetarian meals for me out of the grill and smoker.)

All of Kyle’s barbecue meant that I only had to cook brownies for the day, so I just weathered the chaos of trying to figure out how our counter space can fit a buffet line for so many people. We managed to do it without any traffic jams though — it’s not like our kitchen is really lacking in counter space.

It was nice to get to show off our house to the people that had never visited before. Looking up all of our “before” photos made me realize that it’s probably put together to do a before and after series for the blog, so look forward to that as we get a little closer to summer!

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