After seeing the paint chip art by Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave featured on A Beautiful Mess, I knew I had to make one.  Needing something large scale, colorful, and cheap for this little hallway made the paint chip art a perfect option. But, I guess it’d really be perfect anywhere.

Ah, much better. The rug got relocated to the kitchen and the three black frames are waiting for a new home.

I basically just followed Rachel’s instructions. I picked up loads of paint chips/swatches from Home Depot and then laid them in a brick pattern. This took me multiple tries to get it just right and then once I felt okay with it, I trimmed up the sides. I used a poster frame we already had and some double sided tape. For the words, I used 4″ Helvetica Vinyl Lettering from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. They were about $5.

In total, I spent $5, a trip to Home Depot, stolen poster frame from Brendan, and $2 in double sided tape. Making this super affordable.

The story behind the “Break Legs” is actually not as violent as it sounds. Since Brendan has started doing stand-up comedy, I’ve said “Break a Leg” before he heads out. Then one night I shortened it to “Break Legs” because that’s how my brain works and I thought it was funnier. Now, it’s just our way of saying good luck and do your best. Kinda odd, but very us.

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3 responses to “Paint Chip Art Inspired by Smile and Wave”

  1. Geri Wurth says:


    Kudos to you for designing such a colorful and unique piece! I love that you added a personal graphic to it. I will have to check out the vinyl lettering.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Geri

  2. Geri Wurth says:

    OOOPS! Now I see that MARY made the paint chip print! But Jesse tweeted it! So that’s how I found it…Great job, Mary. : )


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