We are in the market for new dinnerware. We’ve been using the set of dishes that I have had since Kyle and I started dating. They’re black and octagonal so they’re kind of different looking, and I really liked them until I grew tired of the bowls. Now, we use two thrifted bowls for soups and noodles if it’s just the two of us, but I’d really like a set that we can use for more than just us. It turns out, however, that shopping for plates is fairly boring. I want white or neutral-colored plates that will last a while, but I want to shop on a budget. So far my best option is this Oneida Verve 53-piece Dinnerware Set at

It’s only $79.99 for all 53 pieces and I like that it comes with a soup bowl and a fruit/cereal bowl. Plus, the 53 pieces include what would be a completer set in most dishware lines so that’s kind of handy. I do actually like them, too. Sure, they’re not exciting, but I’m looking for dinnerware that makes the food look good.

I like this Oneida Dinnerware Chef’s Table Hard Square 16 Piece Service for 4, too. I like the plates a little better, but I don’t like the mug at all and suspect the bowl won’t be my favorite either.

So I don’t bore you to death with my lame plates… here are some of the more exciting plates I found:

Heller Dinnerware Set> - Design Within Reach > Well-Stacked Plate > Well-Stacked Bowl > Streak-Dye Bowl

Salt & Pepper™ Stone Light Gray Dinnerware - Bed Bath & Beyond.

I might try to wait until I’m actually excited about a plate set — or until I can afford to mix and match dinnerware until I have exactly the collection I want. I’m just not the dinnerware set kind of person, you know?

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