The season finale of Design Star on HGTV aired last night. Did you watch? Did you watch this whole season? I love Design Star and I love getting to watch the challenges. It’s fun getting to think about what you would do in a space or how you might fix something. I know they have crazy amounts of limitations with budget, places to shop, and overall resources. So I think what they manage to come up with is awesome. (From here on out there are spoilers about the finale so stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet!)

The challenge was for the two finalist, Britany and Danielle, to create a 5 minute premier of their show. Wow, that’s a lot of pressure. To come up with a whole show concept. I’ve got no clue what I would do. Probably something about how to nap efficiently in a space. I’m pretty good at that.

Here’s the final product of Britany’s room:

I love the color of that couch and how well it goes with that rug. It’s really pretty. But am I the only one that doesn’t understand sectionals? Sure, they totally work in some rooms but I’m not so sure it works in this space? Maybe it’s the camera lens, but from this angle there seems to be a lot of wasted space behind the couch. Hmm, again, limited time and resources. This room is really pretty though and honestly, who am I to say anything less than positive? (Also, those stupid florescent lights they had to put up to take the shots of the rooms are really ugly and distracting.)

Next up: Danielle’s room. Based on her room and her pilot, she was the obvious winner. She did a sectional but for some reason I totally get it in this space. Also, she did a great job of not making this room look like a show room. So many of the finished rooms on this show look like show rooms and not like lived in spaces. I really like this space! I love the midcentury pieces and I love how she incorporated their artwork. That would have hung me up because the artwork isn’t my taste at all. And I don’t think it was Danielle’s either, so major kudos to her for doing such a great job! Congrats, Danielle!!!

Do you have any thoughts on Design Star? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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