Post-Birthday Celebrations

Whew, our birthday week is over and I’m still eating too much birthday cake and we’ve got a fridge full of leftover beer.

I made some simple decorations for Brendan’s 30th birthday celebration. I made this simple banner by attempting to handwrite the Valencia font . It seemed masculine to me and I really liked how simple it was.  I just poked two holes in the top and used some basic blue string to hang it.

Outside, I just used one of my vintage table cloths, some cleaned out and label free glass bottles, and a brass votive candle holder from the living room. I just grabbed some flowers from the garden and just made a super simple arrangment. It turned out pretty and easy.

Inside, I made a wall hanging for Brendan that was “30 Reasons Why I Love You”. Not really party decorations just something nice for my guy.

We had loads of fun and some great friends came out. Happy 30th, B!!!

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