Anthropologie Display

You can’t go into Anthropologie without noticing their beautiful displays. Honestly, I know I just sound like a broken record from all the other design bloggers, but this place totally deserves all the acclaim. The store is packed with inspiring home design. For instance, this wall display above really caught my eye. The friend I was with (Hi, Jenn!) pointed out the pennies. Which are behind that lamp and I did an awful job photographing them. But the framed pennies were displayed to where shinny new pennies faded into completely oxidized ones. It was really beautiful.

Anthropologie Display

I also loved the art work with color blocked frames. So cool and inspiring. They mixed the color blocked frames with solid ones and then also with wood. Mixing a neutral with two other colors really makes this gallery wall look complete and pulled together. Totally inspiring for some of the blank walls in my house.

Design Sponge At Home

Also, I totally caved and finally bought Design Sponge at Home. Just flipping through the first few pages and I knew that I was going home with this book. I’ve resisted buying it for so long just because, well, I’m dumb. (I’ve got other reasons but mostly those just deduce into me being dumb) Oh, and this one from Anthro says it has 16 extra pages for their customers only. I’m intrigued.

I know what I’ll be falling asleep reading tonight.

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4 responses to “Inspiration from Anthropologie”

  1. Rachelle says:

    Gotta love Anthro; they do have a lot of inspiring designs so it’s hard not to talk about them. I haven’t looked through the Design Sponge book yet; let me know how it is. Have a great weekend!

    • Rosalinda says:

      That’s what you have people like Ezra Levant for (or whoever functions as his Quebec equivalent).I think that would be the tire fire in St-Amable. If it’s still going and spewing toxic fumes into the atmosphere after all these years, everyone’s gotten so used to the stink they don’t even notice, there is only one constituency in Canada that can produce an Ezra Levant.

    • That’s the best answer of all time! JMHO

    • Japan’s JASDF is more than adequate to deal with the Chinese right now. My point was not that the Koreans posed a threat to Japan but rather Japanese were uncomfortable with Koreans having better equipment. The Japanese were fine with what they had until the SK purchase, then they all the sudden felt they deserved BETTER.

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