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As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good stud earring. Studs with great design add such an understated detail to your outfit that makes you feel pulled together and special. At least for me anyway. We don’t put much about fashion on here but I do love me some jewelry. (click through the image to be taken to the listing)

These stud earrings from Hash and Chez are made from recycled or found materials. The geometric lines and throw back color palette make them feel fashionable and modern. I love the peach and gold combo above. The feminine colors mixed with the hard lines make these work for me.

They’ve got an excellent selection of dangle earrings too if studs aren’t your thing. The ones above seem like a futuristic puzzle piece. Love it. I also completely love what they say in their profile, “We are not reinventing the wheel, just makin’ it roll with style.”

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6 responses to “Hash and Chez on Etsy”

  1. I really love the earrings you’ve picked out – the geometric look is ‘now’ but I like the way these have a cool retro look about them – gorgeous!


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