I’m so into this kitchen table that it’s been on my mind since I first saw it on Kitschy Living yesterday. In fact, I had to scroll through over 24 hours worth of tumblr posts (which is quite a lot of posts on my dashboard lately) just to find it and I did it because it stuck in my mind that much.

This kind of defines what I love about eclectic design. The room looks so comfortable with lots of options for whatever kind of dining chair you prefer. And somehow it makes a chrome table look perfectly at home in a room with dark wood built-ins. The relative uniformity of the drawn portraits on the wall pulls it all together.

I am pretty sad that there was no click-through link. I would love to see a full home tour or read a little more about the rest of the house!

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I feel like it’s been a while since we’ve had back to back weeks of thrift shares. I guess I used to do a lot more shopping when I was trying to make the house look more like a home. Now it looks like a home so I do a lot more browsing when I go thrifting.

I actually bought this first share on my trip last week with Cari. But, it’s so small that I had already misplaced it when I wrote last week’s thrift share post …

I got this Volupte compact for two bucks!



As you can see, it’s not in perfect condition, but it’s really pretty and everything on the Internet suggests that I got a total steal. I found one with this same design in excellent condition for $100! I’m not positive what I’m going to use it for, yet, but I think I’ll either use it to catch earrings and jewelry when I’m on the go, or maybe to hold spare ibuprofen.

This weekend I finally got to Thistle in Kansas City for another trip. It worked out so perfectly as I had to be about 3 minutes away from the store at 10 a.m. and I’m an early riser lately. Can you believe I haven’t been there since July when Mary and I met there?

It was beautifully arranged, as usual. For this opening, everything was arranged into little monochrome vignettes. I wanted to move into the white vignette. It was so beautiful.

I only bought a few things, a few reprinted campaign pins for gifts for a few friends, and a “NO PETS” sticker that I think I’m going to work into a corner for the cat — not that Logan isn’t allowed in that corner, it’s more for him to let people know that when he’s sleeping there he doesn’t want any pets. (We do not have children so the personalities we invent for our pets are very involved.)

My favorite find was this adorable butterfly mister.


I haven’t had as much time to do research on it, but I think it’s so pretty and it’s in great shape! I’m not sure if I’m going to try to use it to mist things or if I’ll just display it but I’m really glad I bought it. I even put it back at one point in my shopping and I think I’d be sad if I left the store without it.

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Mary’s Picks

  • These skateboard photos taken by Bill Eppridge in the 60s are pretty awesome. I’ve never had the balance to ride a skateboard myself, but I do have a fondness for them. (via Honestly…WTF)
  • This new blog, The Comedy Albums Club, is written by a fella I tend to be pretty fond of. Finding a good comedy albums seems to be something that’s hard for the average person to come by and so Brendan has some great recommendations.

Jess’s Picks

Major monster apologies for the reallllly late post today. I have had a somewhat unpredictable day. It’s been good unpredictable though so don’t give me any sympathy. The worst parts were that I had to wait hours on an oil change and had a terrible Walmart experience (go figure, right?) and that my laptop battery was dead so I couldn’t even get the post up while I waited and waited. I suppose I should plan better and procrastinate less, but what’s the fun in that?

  • Now that it’s march, I feel like it’s finally okay to be so excited for spring flowers without feeling like the wait will be too long to handle it. I like this DIY (fake) flower topiary to get this spring feeling into my house.
  • has had so many cute poufs, and I seriously love to sit on the floor and craft at a coffee table. If my legs were happy being folded up underneath me all day, I may never move. DIY Pouf to the rescue.

Have you noticed I’m all about sewing projects lately? I really need to find the sewing machine pedal at Kyle’s parents or finally order a new one.


This weekend, my friend Cari came up to visit us and we went thrifting at a couple of my favorite antique stores. It has been a while since I’ve been out to see what’s new at the booths so I really enjoyed the trip!

I didn’t find a whole lot that interested me enough to spend money on, but I did find a really pretty Estée Lauder porcelain powder jar that I’m fond of.




It matches our bedroom decor really well and will be a great place to catch little trinkets and jewelry before bed! I love metallics, especially silver, and it’s nice to have such an understated vintage 70s piece.

If you like it enough to want your own, I found one on etsy for a good price!

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Yesterday, I saw a photo on tumblr that really caught my eye! My friend Karl is a bicycle enthusiast, and I’m sure he thought the bike in the photo looked great. I can’t get enough of the bright colors in the room.

The bright red bike, the yellow walls, and the orange table and chairs really pull the bike into the overall feel of the room. I used to have to store a bike in an apartment and it really isn’t an easy thing to do well. I’ll have to file this away in case we are ever apartment-bound again.

(via Cycle Chic)

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Mary’s Picks

  • So I guess this isn’t so much something I read but something that I watched. Streaming this week on Netflix is the documentary of Charles and Ray Eames, Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter. I felt like it was a really beautiful documentary and I truly didn’t want it to end. Also, after seeing their house, I’d really love to tour it!

Jess’s Picks



I really love the Oscars. I’m not so excited about the other award shows usually. I’m totally content to just keep up with my friends comments on the Golden Globes or Grammys on Tumblr and Twitter. On occasion, I’ll watch a clip of something funny that happened or maybe catch a few minutes of the show as it airs. The Oscars are by far my favorite. This is probably true for everyone, isn’t it?

A few years ago (2009?), all of our friends piled into Mary’s living room in Lubbock to watch the Academy awards and it was really a great party even without all of the swanky decor in my latest Etsy treasury. Making this week’s party treasury has me so nostalgic for that night and for all of our adventures in Lubbock.

Japanese Washi Paper Tape – …


Vintage Movie Tickets from R…


20 Oscar party invitation po…


Vintage Metal Popcorn Bowl


Muppet movie prop vintage ic…


Red Ticket Roll Bowl


Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Came…


Kodak Brownie movie projecto…


Industrial Movie Production …


Vintage Film Reels and Canis…


Drive In Movie Speakers, Car…


1950’s Heywood Wakefield…


Vintage Harry Potter Movie P…


Vintage Folding Chair Wood C…


Silent Film Star Buster Keat…


I started it off with some fun ideas for invitations! The washi tape is so neat. I’m going to have to experiment with a roll of it sometime.

For decor, I went with a lot of movie-making and viewing equipment. You all know I’m a sucker for that metal, industrial look and etsy is full of beautiful examples of the aesthetic that fit the movie-making theme.

We have a busy weekend with a few friends coming up Friday and another staying Saturday night, so I think we’ll be taking it easy Sunday and watching the Academy Awards. Do you have fun party plans?

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