A few weeks ago I toured the Missouri Mansion in Jefferson City, Missouri with a group of people at the capital city to promote our region to our state legislators.

It’s a gorgeous building with really beautiful, historic furniture and decor.

Missouri Governor\'s Mansion at dusk

The building was built in the 1870s in an apsidal shape — meaning it’s a rectangle with two semicircles on either end. The apsidal shape is carried through the decor and furniture in the home.

Apsidal shaped table

The home is full of official portraits of first ladies of Missouri, and I enjoyed the stories the docents told about the unique personalities of first ladies and the way those personalities were reflected in their official portrait.

It’s impressive that more than a century worth of portraits suit the home so well. Most first ladies have chosen a classical Victorian-style portrait, so I suppose that makes it easier. It’s also the choice of the first lady where her portrait will hang in the house, so I would imagine they commission them with the space in mind.

The Newel Post Lady

The mansion does a great job of blending new elements and furniture in with the old style of the house. The dining room table, for example, actually has modern chairs around it that fit the style of the era the home was built.

The harp — also a modern gift — fits so beautifully in front of the piano under the grand staircase, it seems as though the area needed a harp all along.

Some furniture is even repurposed (kind of). The sample size furniture is staged as a children’s sitting area in the green room to the left of the main entrance.

I enjoy touring historic homes in general. It’s easy to forget that Victorian decor relied on a few very ornate pieces but floor space was very open and protected from clutter in most of the rooms.

Spring at the Governor's Mansion

#, #, #

February is just full of fun reasons to have a party: the Grammy’s, Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, and Mardi Gras! Late last month, I was in charge of setting up a booth for a reception at the state capital for all of the legislators. Each county in our region sets up a booth that shows off what we have to offer. Since the event is hosted during the last week of January/first week of February, they have always gone with a mardi gras theme. While I was sorting through the decorations we’ve always used, I complained to Mary that all I had was a bin of green/gold/purple cheap crap. I made the best of it and got a lot of compliments on our booth, but I wish that next year we could go for a classier interpretation of the mardi gras theme.

In this week’s treasury, I’m trying to explore a little of that by pairing cobalt blue — my favorite super trendy color right now — with the iconic fleur de lis.

Sterling Fleur De Lis Ring- …


Cobalt Blue Beaded Necklace…


Blue Feather Ethnic Natural …


5 Silver Fleur de Lis Grooms…


Cobalt Blue Bow Tie


Fleurs-de-Lis Brass Jewelry …


Organizer Stoneware Tray for…


Cast Iron Fleur De Lis Dinne…


Vintage Copper New Orleans S…


24 Black Fleur de Lis Party …


Fleur-de-lis Burlap Bunting/…


Black Fleur De Lis Napkin Ri…


Cast Iron Fleur de Lis Coat …


Cobalt Blue and White Fish S…


Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle Wall…


I really like the pops of cobalt against the black and white. It really modernizes the classic-looking fleur de lis.

I am totally lusting after the organizer tray. I like how substantial it looks while still having a low profile.  It would be perfect to catch some loose items on a shelf and provide eye-catching color against dark but neutral furniture.

I would love a few of the cobalt blue wine bottle wall vases. I can think of several places in our house that they would be cute, and I love industrial metals.



We’re enjoying quiet Valentine’s Days with our valentines, and we hope you’re doing the same! Or, at least, that you had a stellar galentine’s day yesterday!

(via Etsy on Pinterest)



Since I read somewhere that you can make your own scratch-off paint by mixing 2-parts acrylic paint to 1-part dish soap, I’m on the hunt for great DIY projects involving scratchoff paint. I think this Scratch Personalized World Map Poster might be just the inspiration I need. How fun! (via Offbeat Home)

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Jess’s Picks

My picks are all Valentine’s Day related today and I have some fun gifts going up in the Hope Chest, too. What can I say? I’m a Valentine’s Day junkie. And all of the people that hate it have made that so trite that I feel like I’m carving out original ground when I advocate for Valentine’s Day.

  • I’ve been on a real hot cocoa kick lately, even though this winter hasn’t been this cold. A Valentine’s Day Sugar Giftable from Somewhere Splendid sounds perfect for my growing list of things I want to try mixed into hot cocoa. Better yet? Both the sugar and the gift is a DIY!


Mary’s Picks

  • I saw A Child’s Own Studio this morning on Whatever. I am pretty much in awe over this woman’s ingenuity and art. She takes drawings from children and then fashions them into dolls/animals. It’s really amazing.
  • I love vintage typography and because of that I could look at Letterheady all day. Seriously, I can browse through their archives for hours. My favorite is Groucho Marx’s. It’s awesome.



#, #

I would love this Diamond Ring Bottle Opener from I prefer the ring-style bottle opener so much more than the hook-style ones on corkscrews, and this one wouldn’t look a bit out of place on the counter when left out during a party. (via Oh Joy!)

#, #, #

Maybe I’ve been subtle about it, but I have to admit that I am one of the people who really love Valentine’s Day. I am aware that there are plenty of people out there who hate it, and I even understand why they do. But, I still love it. I think my parents just made it a great holiday for us growing up. It wasn’t exactly hard to get me really excited about a holiday when that day meant waking up to chocolates!

So, I’m diving in and today’s party is a simple Valentine’s Day date full of lots of fun gifts. Just add… chocolate.

Knot Sterling Silver Rings -…


Pixie – faceted ring box mad…


SALE — Vintage Sterling Si…


I Like You One-Hundred Perce…


Rainbow Glittered Hearts Bur…


Happily Ever After – Valenti…


To Infinity… and beyond – …


beaded charm bracelet. beade…


Valentine Necklace Circus Fo…


Vintage Puffy Heart Charm Ne…


Monogrammed Initial Wax Seal…


Rainbow-Colorful-Felt heart …


box linen pink Hearts A Flut…


Hers and Hers vintage silver…


His and Her L.O.V.E. T-shirt…


I love it! This treasury was so fun to make. Sometimes, even though I choose the theme, they take a lot of pondering, but with this one there was so much that I wanted to include.

I’ve been wanting a knot ring for a long time and I like the change in scale in the set. They’d be great for a couple! I also really like the vintage pink ring. I think it fits the big ring trend while not diverging very far from my style. It still looks so classic. Either would look amazing wrapped in a beautiful faceted ring box.

Both of the valentines were found by my friend Alexandra in Boulder who has her own Etsy shop at AOADesigns. She sells hand-spun yarn,  hats, and accessories. Her collection is really beautiful!

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