Both Mary and I are road-tripping this week. Sadly, I am going to Austin just when she’s headed out of town. My brother is moving into a co-op down there, and Kyle and I are helping him drive down. Then, we’re tacking a few extra days onto our stay, so I’ll get to enjoy Mary’s new-to-her leather sofa.

Here are some of my new and new-ish accessories that are making the journey with me!

I bought this Olsenboye Foldover Tote  at jcpenney for only $14 on Saturday. I’ve been wanting a new purse for a while, and I had so much trouble finding one I really liked. Everything was too expensive, too big and unstructured, or too small. This one is definitely on the huge side, but since it folds over and has a bit of structure to it, it’s not so bad. I bought this particular style because it was the one on sale, but it’s really grown on me. I think I’d like some of the brighter patterns they have for $35, but this matches almost everything.

These bright blue skinnies are the $340 J Brand Midrise Skinny Bright Royal from MRS H version of the $4 Gordman’s clearance bright blue skinnies I bought on Friday. They also had orange/coral, mint, and yellow on clearance but for $20. And $16 dollars worth of difference made blue my number one choice. I love them! I wore them Friday night and Saturday and Sunday when I went to my parents to deliver the cat before the road trip. They’re currently in the washing machine so they’ll be ready for another wear this week!

Finally, my favorite little iPod Nano. I bought this over memorial day so I could add music to my elliptical workouts (and maybe eventually start running outside if it ever cools down). I’ve loaded it with an audio book, so that if my passenger wants to sleep on the way down or back, I have something to keep my mind active and awake.

I started The Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the World by David Deutsch on a drive last week, and I think I’ll really like it. Hopefully it does it’s job. I’ll be driving a rental van and Kyle will be driving my parents Highlander, so we’ll either have my brother or his girlfriend as a passenger… I’m sure they’ll be tired from moving and going away parties.

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Jess’s Picks

  • Today at 5 p.m. marks the start of my vacation — which includes a trip to Austin to move my brother into his new co-op and several days to play around in Austin. It also marks the end of my July 4 – Vacation alcohol fast. Needless to say, I’m in the mood for a little frivolousness right now. Perfect timing for 10 Clever Multi-Purpose Furniture Ideas Meeting the Needs of a Modern Lifestyle at Freshome. I think this wine table is my favorite. The glass window in the top is excellent!
  • This Mint, Coral, and Pink style palette at Making it Lovely has some great accessories for vacation. I don’t think it’s cool enough to wear any of the clothes yet, but I’m looking forward to the day this heat wave/drought breaks and a 3/4 sleeve sweater feels perfect. (I think this will be the first autumn in my lifetime that I’ve looked forward to more than the return of football.)
  • Maybe instead of pink, mint, and coral clothes, I’ll go for pink, mint, and coral hair chalking. I’m a little late to this party, probably, but I just discovered hair chalking this week and I’m anxious to try this CHALK IT UP tutorial from The Beauty Department. I want something a little dramatic and rebellious for vacation.

Mary’s Picks

  • I’m loving these color palettes based off Wes Anderson movies from Whorange. The Rushmore palette is my favorite. Love the saturated colors. (via Making it Lovely)
  • The Makeshift Society sounds amazing and I wish it was in Austin. I’d love to sit around with women who are talented, creative, and encourage one another in their creativity. (via Design Sponge)



I love typography. I’m not an expert at it, but I certainly respect it as, at least to me, one of the most tedious and substantial forms of design given that letters are the basis of the content that drives so much practical design. I’m always excited to come across some vintage letters and always hope that whatever letters are available will be something that for whatever reason can be twisted into words or initials that are meaningful to me.

1. Industrial Salvaged NOIR Metal Letter Sign 2 FtTall by joevintage; 2. Vintagestyle ‘Old English’ Letter ‘T’ Painted Wood by Northstar50; 3. Simply ME Custom INITIAL Typeset Bitty Charm by princessbydesign; 4. Antique Letterpress Printers WOOD TYPE by TurnersCollectibles; 5. Various LETTERPRESS WOOD PRINTING BLOCKs type by bicigirl on Etsy; 6. Letterpress Type Drawer or Shadowbox / by ConceptFurnishings; 7. Wooden letter B nursery kids wall art letter by LettersofWood; 8. Vintage Marquee Letter Sign by THEFARMERSSHOP on Etsy; 9. Antique Enamelware Letters for Sign Your Choice by veraviola; 10. Letter a wooden lower case handcut hand painted by LettersofWood; 11. Mid Century Type Writer Smith Corona 250 by jojosvintagecupboard.

It’s maybe no coincidence that this summer I have been devouring BLTs (made with faux bacon, of course) + avocado and somehow B, L, T, and A, all found their way into this series.

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I was just thinking a week or so ago that I haven’t had a thrift share in a LONG time. I would have to check our archives to even remember the last time I bought something thrift for my home. Maybe it was just that realization that made me excited when I realized that one of my favorite local antique malls had a booth at the same farm show where my museum had a booth this weekend. I think I spotted what I wanted there before I even noticed the booth!

As we were all setting up on Thursday for the Friday/Saturday show, I noticed an adorable mustard upholstered bench/ottoman. Friday, I checked the price and it was only $27.50! I think the legs on it are in good enough shape to justify that price, but I decided to wait until Saturday and then haggle a little if it was still there at the end of the day. The farm show was pretty slow, so I was lucky and snagged the bench for a few dollars price the original asking price!

I considered using it as an ottoman but I like the square ottoman in front of the loveseat, and the coffee table already takes up the space in front of the sofa, so I had to shop my house for a place to put it. After moving the dog’s bed in the living room to the spot she prefers to sleep, I found the perfect home for it right next to the TV.

I styled it quickly with some spare throw pillows and some circa 2008 presidential signs. I think I’ll probably re-style it after my next thrift trip out. Ideally, I’d like to find a tray that fits it and put a vase and some books in the tray, then I’ll probably swap out at least one of the pillows for one that is more decorative, and add a quilt.

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Mary’s Picks

  • First off, our thoughts and prayers today are with those in Colorado. These tragedies not only create so much turmoil for the families but also everyone else that’s involved. My hope is that fear will not take over.
  • Are you familiar with the website? It’s the absolute best way to search for airfare. You can’t buy directly from the site but it lists where the prices are the lowest. We are attempting to plan a couple of trips this year on a really tight budget so it’s helping us make those happen. Also, their smartphone app is the best.
  • I’m starting to really educate myself on health and the kinds of foods we eat. Honestly, it’s a lot of inconvenient truths but I sincerely believe it will be better for our health in the long run. One of my favorite blogs during this process has been Food Renegade and the reoccurring article they do called Decoding Labels. Last week she decoded the label of V8 Fruit Splash. Eye. Opener.

Jess’s Picks


It is so hot! The only good thing about this is that it’s perfect ice cream weather. I’ve rounded up some great ice cream party finds at Etsy.

1. Mini Wood Bowls Set of Two Mint Green by WindandWillowHome on Etsy; 2. Rainbow Candy Toppings for Cupcakes Ice Cream by BakersBlingShop; 3. Dansk ice cream cups Danish modern dessert by CoolVintageFinds; 4. 15 Melt in your Mouth Peanut Butter Cups English by IngridsGoodies; 5. 4 Wooden MiniScoops Great For Serving Toppings by SucreShop; 6. Reserved for Teresa Retro Turquoise Salton Big Chill by Vintiqued.

I love the mini wood bowls and the mini wooden scoops. What a cute way to serve toppings! I’m bummed that the ice cream maker is a reserve. It’s such a pretty color! None of the other ice cream makers on Etsy really caught my eye,  so I guess we’ll all just have to watch for a turquoise big chill of our very own.


#, #

I came across Bellalulu Vintage while looking for items for my Happy Birthday to myself treasury back in March. This shop is so cute, full of great thrift finds, and beautifully staged, that I keep returning to it for inspiration.

Vintage Wooden Crate The Book of Knowledge by bellalulu on Etsy. When I was little, I was pretty into encyclopedias — I think I really needed the invention of Wikipedia –and my family had a set of The Book of Knowledge. In addition to this being a more unique crate than most of the thrift ones you find for sodas or produce, I’d like to add that little hat tip to something I enjoyed as a child in my home.

Vintage Fencing Mask by bellalulu on Etsy. I think fencing is a really fascinating sport. I’ve been interested in it since I first read Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden in middle or high school and the couple meets for the first time at the armor section at the Met in New York (or maybe it was when I watched Lost and Delirious for the first time. Either way, I highly romanticize fencing as I associate it with some of my favorite bittersweet love stories. ) I’m off track now, right? Okay. Well. Fencing. It’s interesting, and this fencing mask would make great decor. I imagine it would be a bear to dust though, so maybe  stock up on some compressed air!

Vintage Letter M Flag by bellalulu on Etsy. If the $40+ price tags of the last two items scare you off, have no fear. There are plenty of sweet little finds for under $20, like this vintage letter M flag.

It’s a cute shop and — since branding has been on our minds a lot lately with my blip in the last Friday Reader Roundup and Mary’s post yesterday — I’ll note that it really nails the branding.

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