Friday Reader Roundup

Mary’s Picks

  • How beautiful are these cakes by Charm City Cakes that Grace featured on Design Sponge this week? I echo her sentiments in missing the show, but on the other hand I think we cancelled our cable right about the time the show was cancelled. I’m loving the origami ruffles and those teal and gold chevron strips. Beautiful!
  • When I was in Japan three years ago, the beautiful gardens tucked away in the busy city of Tokyo were absolutely breathtaking. The wisteria tunnel shown on Honestly…WTF this week makes me miss being in Japan so much.
  • Nicole from Making it Lovely has such beautiful, feminine style and I’m loving how she painted the trim and wall space above the wallpaper in her dining room. That gray with the little pink and black bird is so pretty! (Also, apparently my word for this weeks reads is Beautiful)

Jess’s Picks

  • This {closet & casa} with amanda jane jones… at Oh Joy! has the prettiest palette. My bedroom from about 7th grade through 11th grade was done in very similar shades. It reminds me of water and water reminds me of swimming and swimming makes me so happy. I’m totally digging this grown-up version of it.
  • Speaking of being fun with color (and an adult), I think all of the brights in this rusta upp roundup of inspiration are great. I think I’m going to have to learn Swedish, because lately I just can’t get enough of this blog. Good thing all of these ideas come from an English-speaking big box hardware company.
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Spring Wish List

Every Spring there seems to be tons of projects I want to tackle around the house. Also, loads of things I want to purchase. Everyone does this, right? And you just have to keep yourself from spending too much? Because, I also want to vintage and estate sale shop ’til I drop, but, you know, that’s not very realistic either.

So, instead I’ll just post my wish list here and maybe someone special will buy it all for me. That’s how life works, right? Although, everything here total would be under $100.

First up, this herringbone 5×7 rug from Urban Outfitters is a great value at $74. I think it’s the perfect graphic for my living room while also adding just the right neutral.

Since I work with kids, I rarely get to wear jewelry. Dangly, shiny, colorful things are the perfect item for a toddler or infant to pull. Pretty little stud earring are my favorite solution to this problem. So, this pair of cool mint hexagon earrings from Moonlight for Violet on Etsy are definitely on my wish list.

Lastly, this Krylon copper leafing pen totally makes me want to add a copper touch to every frame, metal hardware piece, and outdoor pot at my house.

Do you have any items you’ve been craving to have for Spring?

This weekend I got in some serious estate sale and thrift shopping! Whoo-hoo!

I got this sweet 3.5 quart Asta enamelware pot. I got it for $7.50 and think it’s awesome. I don’t really need a new pot, but how cute will this be serving some caramelized shallots?!

Asta is mostly known for these pots below, and so I was super excited to see something so updated and modern by them.


My favorite buy was this bookshelf from Goodwill for $12.99. I was totally shocked to see that price. The Goodwill by my house gets such a high volume of traffic and donations that they overprice everything. Especially vintage. Those folks know their market and people totally pay their prices. So, I was stoked by the $12.99 sticker. Side note: does your Goodwill put a MILLION stickers on the furniture?!! I totally get that it’s because of people switching out the stickers or something but damn it’s annoying.

I’ve got some plans for those little legs. Remember this post? My lane cedar chest might just be the perfect spot for those legs. I love the gold ferrels and they are the perfect height for my cedar chest. I love them on the bookshelf too, but I don’t really have a spot for that bookshelf. So, the legs are going on the cedar chest and the bookshelf will go in my closet to house shoes. That way, if I decide to one day remarry the shelf to its little legs, it’ll be no problem.

My haul also included a battery powered lawnmower! Do you have one? I’ve already used it to mow the back and front yard and LOVE it! Seriously, I think it’s my best estate sale find ever. It’s eco friendly and totally works for what I need. Awesome.

What did you find this weekend?

I’m linking up to Apron Thrift Girl and Her Library Adventures.

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Birthday in the House!

Happy Birthday to the best, kindest, most loved co-blogger and friend! Hope you feel celebrated today!

xoxo, M

(card via Small Press LA on Etsy)

Friday Reader Roundup

Jess’s Picks

Mary’s Picks

  • I’m so glad Annie at Annie at Annily Green posted about photographer Brock Davis this week. I’m pretty mesmerized by his work and the inner workings of this Twinkie are totally awesome.

I’m loving this Etsy spotlight today of The Zakka. The shop features beautiful handmade coin purses, clutches, and eyeglass cases. They all are reasonably priced and so it the shipping.

This color block eyeglasses case is totally rad. I love the bright colors mixed with the neutral up top. Beautiful.

This feminine floral fabric is so sweet. I’d love to give this little coin purse to my niece who just turned 1!

We wouldn’t be So Eclectic, if we didn’t show you three completely different styles. I could see myself rocking all three of these cute bags. Love the simplicity of the navy and cream with the brushed gold frame. Super pretty.

Click through all the images to see the original listing.

Have a fantastic Wednesday!

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This post is titled Monday because frankly I don’t know what else to title it. I went to visit family again (oh yeah, and I totally stocked up on more rocks) and so we had a whirlwind of a weekend. I got some serious hangtime in with my niece and nephew, which is my total happy place.

Today, while I was there, I helped my sister work in her garden. Her plot is huge compared to mine and she’s gonna grow so many veggies. I’m excited to see them all! While we were pulling up some weeds, I happened to sit down on the wood post border that surrounds part of her flower bed. Lo and behold, I sat right on a scorpion. Yep, right on him. Well, I guess he (she?) didn’t really care for that because the bugger stung me right on my ass. Awesome. Then, I had a four hour drive back to Austin. So, you know, that was fun. Ha!

Anywho, here’s some pretty houses for you to look at (click on images for source). Also, I should say that my partner in So Eclectic crime, Jess, is awesome. She doesn’t care that I’m posting this so late. Such a Monday.

Kohler contemporary bathroom
Contemporary bathroom design by Other Metros 
JAUREGUI Architect Interior Construction contemporary bedroom
Contemporary Bedroom by JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction
1901 Kitchen Remodel eclectic kitchenEclectic Kitchen by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.
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