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I’ve got a big projects I’m working on and promise to reveal very soon. We are working out huge kinks and it takes up all of my brain power. In the meantime, I’ve been grabbing onto inspirational sayings to keep me going. Combine that inspiration with beautiful design and I’m sold.

dreams big enough art print

 Dreams 11×14 Art Print by Project Type

impossible until it's done art print

 Impossible Print by Vapor Qualquer

matthew 6:34

Matthew 6:34 by Cory Say

creative process graph

This last one just makes me chuckle. It’s so true. All of it. (via Ffffound!)

Hope y’all find these inspirational too! It’s good to constantly be encouraged in whatever creative process you’re working on.

Friday Reader Roundup

gold tube bracelet

Mary’s Picks

  • Honestly…WTF has once again inspired me to make my own bracelets. These gold tube bracelets are beautiful and there’s so many options!
  • Whoa, this paper cutting from Lori Danelle is ah-mah-zing. The added detail of the hedgehogs is fantastic and adorable. Paper cutting art makes me think about the trip Jess and I took to New Orleans. There was paper cut (cutting?) artist there in the French Quarter and I loved his stuff. Makes me miss Jess and makes me want to go back to New Orleans. (Forgive the tangent)

Jess’s Picks

  • Since I’ve been out of school for several years, now, I’m missing the grind of learning new things. I read a lot, but I have a new interest in math and science and the so-called STEM field. I’m thinking that it might be time to take advantage of some of the new free educational courses you can take, so this list of 7 Free Education Websites You Don’t Want to Miss from Goodnet was a great find.

embroidered headphones iphone

Although using embroidery floss for fun projects is nothing new, it’s still be on my mind lately. Working with kids means it’s time for a summer filled with friendship bracelets. Kinda awesome.

I’m loving this super creative way to dress up the standard Apple ear buds.(via Apartment Therapy)

Friendship bracelets chevron

Don’t all of these friendship bracelets from Honestly…WTF just make you happy? I love the pairing of the thread with a metal chain bracelet. Really pretty and something so easy to pull off.

unexpected embroidery

Wrapstars on Etsy for $15.70

And lastly, why not embroider something totally unexpected onto some plain canvas and hang it in an embroidery hoop. Don’t you just love the shit out of this? Pretty cute.


I’ve been collecting images for a redo in my bedroom. I rent and so while painting is a great option, it’s just more money and time commitment than I want. Instead, I’m hoping what I’ve got planned will pop on my white walls.

From left to right: loving the gallery wall designed by Emily Henderson for Joy and Bob Cho‘s living room, the headboard tutorial from Little Green Notebook that I’m hoping will totally change the look of my basic bed, the color scheme designed by Emily Henderson (love using navy as a neutral), this Hunger Games print by Peachlings on Etsy is going on the gallery wall, and lastly I’m thinking all of my frames are getting painted with this Krylon Copper.

Whew, lots of work, but I’m really looking forward to how it’s going to turn out. Thoughts? I’ve still got more to add, but I like where it’s headed so far!

Friday Reader Roundup

Organized Pantry

Mary’s Picks

  • How lovely and organized is this pantry from Jenny Komenda at Little Green Notebook? She’s got some great tips in that post but my favorite things are just the little simple details that she’s added. Like the rug, the rose gold hooks she painted on the peg board, and the chalk board labels on her bins. Super organized and a great little space!
  • Father’s Day is this Sunday and it’s always difficult to figure out what to buy. I usually just settle for a card unless I get to actually be with my dad. I loved Emily Henderson’s list of Dad gifts because it provided me some ideas at least. If anything, I got some good gift ideas from her list for Brendan in the future. The Dollar Shave Club she mentions on there, Brendan has. It’s awesome. He upgraded to the $6 one, and the razors are serious quality and totally a money saver if your man goes through razors like I go through chocolate.

Jess’s Picks

  • I may have mentioned that we are trying to only eat two lunches and one dinner out a week for the month of June. It’s going so well! It’s a 30 Days of Good challenge from Good magazine that inspired this attempt and this week one of their Make Your Own Meals tip was to roast your own nuts! I’m excited to give the suggestions a try.

Headboard Inspiration

Mad Men Tufted Headboard

Because we’ve been rewatching Mad Men, but I can’t get this beautiful tufted headboard out of my mind. The color, tufting, and shape is so pretty.

Simple DIY Tufted Headboard

I’ve already bought the fabric (just going with a simple navy) for the DIY headboard I plan to do using Jenny Komenda’s tutorial (photo above). She gives detailed instructions about how to do it and my absolute most favorite is that she suggests using a pegboard that’s cut to size. I mean, genius right?

Triangle Geometric Navy Yellow Gray Fabric

Also, Jenny’s above post inspired my purchase of this fabric for a square bolster pillow. I think it’ll go perfect with my navy headboard.

Purple Tufted Headboard

Now, I’m just trying to decide if I want to go fancy or not. I love the frame on the purple headboard above that’s also from Jenny at Little Green Notebook. Maybe I could go with just simple lines and possibly some nail head trim? I think that my bedroom needs the texture and depth a tufted headboard offers though.

Dwell Studio Headboard

I’m also loving this headboard shape from Dwell Studio. It’s pretty beautiful and yet simple. But that’d require a bit more skill and I’m not so sure I’ve got the time or patience for it.

It’s taken me a long time (two years) to start really working on my bedroom. But if it turns out like anything I’ve been planning in my head, it’s going to be awesome!

#, #, #, #

Eeek!!! I can’t express how badly I want this print from Peachlings on Etsy! I’m on a money spending freeze to save up for some things, so right now it’ll have to wait. Sad. Face. If you’re a Hunger Games fan then I’m assuming you’re right there with me. Such a simple pretty print.

 How sweet is this mountain scene? Makes a great nod to vintage paint by numbers while still feeling modern. I love those colors.

The simple heart and cute background flowers push this print over the edge for me. Adorable. This would be perfect in a baby room. Boy or girl.

Peachlings is headed up by Bec Nolan who resides in Australia. You should check out her Pinterest and her blog. Great things on there.

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