Um, I want to live here. This room is designed by Emily Henderson for an iRobot Roomba commercial. It is not perfect for me, but that’s why I love it. Crazy beautiful color palette. The mixture of the feminine pink with the masculine wood tones. Perfect. Those chairs totally wouldn’t work in my house but I love them here. The lighting is great because without the natural lighting this space might look a bit dark. This room also proves to me the importance of timeless lines. If you stripped this room of its “on trend” accessories (gold planters, throw pillows, and artwork) you’d be left with the substantial pieces (couch, end tables, chairs) as a base for something you can build/add on. What I mean is, in my opinion, good design equals great foundations. Rooms that lend themselves to being super transitional as trends change. Such a beautiful space.

I know, this seems silly but lately the tissue boxes around my house bug me. I don’t like the way they look at all. Vain, I know. But I know I’m not alone, otherwise tissue box covers wouldn’t exist.

This kelly green lucite box cover is awesome for $12.99 from The Prepster on Etsy.


This retro box is fun for $12.50 from The Orange Collective.

This one for $8 is a great pattern, super colorful, and reversible. I also like that it’s perfect for smaller boxes. Cute! (by Bits and Pieces Crafts)

What do you think? Are these things gimmicky or completely sensible? Thoughts?

Friday Reader Roundup

Jess’s Picks

Mary’s Picks

  • For some reason, I’ve been a bit obsessed with party planning. Do I have a party coming up to plan? Nope. Just really like the idea, I guess. I love these cross-stitch cookies featured on Design Sponge this week. How cute would these be to make for any party? The designs would be endless and I love incorporating modern ideas for embroidery into anything.
  • Have you heard of the Wedding Snap App? This seems really cool and a great way to collect phone photos from all of your guests. I wish they wouldn’t have named it Wedding Snap though. Because it would still be great to use at any party, right?

Word search Tablecloth

This Wordsearch Tablecloth for $12 would be an awesome addition to your backyard BBQ this summer! It’s the perfect icebreaker for a group of friends that might not know each other. Fun!

This weekend I drove to South Austin in search of an estate sale. I was by myself and so I got to take my time and really browse. So many cool things! Does your mind just go and go with all of these exciting, interesting items found at estate sales? I’m always thinking about what I can do with a piece, where’d it go, or if it’s a good deal. Most of the time one of those questions is not answered satisfactorily so I walk away empty handed. However, this time, I found this beautiful mid-century dresser and matching highboy.

The dresser had the original glass top and the mirror. All in great vintage condition. The price for both was $250 but it was the very end of day on Saturday. There was only me looking at them and they would be half off on Sunday. So I asked the guy if he would take $175. We agreed on $180 and I got them!

They aren’t exactly what I’m looking for but they actually work really well in our space. I don’t like matchy-matchy furniture, but in a future house these pieces could be split up and look fantastic in different rooms. Right now, I’m committed to making them work and the price was perfect.

I came straight home and posted my old dressers and Craigslist. I got $150 for those and so we were only out $30. It was basically a trade! Super exciting! I’m really happy with them and hopefully next week you’ll get some before and afters of my bedroom.

Until then, have a happy Wednesday!




Ombré Inspired by Nature

Nature gives us some of the absolute best inspiration for color, patterns, and textures. If you look at the top trends, you’ll find them in nature. Somewhere and somehow. Although, nature is always better at it. I think.

Take ombré. It’s everywhere. Yet, more refined and more subtle. These are from just in my backyard and house.

I love ombré in nature because it shows motion or progress.

Green baby tomatoes.

The shades of red tell me if the tomato is ready or almost ready.

My pickling cucumbers are the best example.

Such creative pattern. Ombré in a circle? Hmm, inspiration for a new project maybe?

Shades of different colors.

My poor hydrangea is about to die but the shades of blue are beautiful.

Hope you enjoy your Monday! Don’t forget to look to nature for your inspiration.



Friday Reader Roundup

Mary’s Picks


Jess’s Picks

  • Now that you’re smiling, check out this gallery of Victorians Smiling at Retronaut. When I discovered the post on Tumblr it was described as “charming.” I must say I agree.
  • This week, Poppytalk featured Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour, an adorable loose-leaf-tea-selling caravan in South Africa. Just last Sunday, Kyle was dreaming about opening his burger-selling food truck, so maybe it’s just that mobile food selling is on my mind, but I’d love to run into this somewhere.
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